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Khadr’s Day in Court: August 10

By | 05.17.10 | 1:18 pm

So now that the pre-trial hearing in Omar Khadr’s military commission has recessed while the government conducts a mental-health exam of the 23-year old detainee, when will Khadr’s proceedings actually resume? July and August, just in time for the most oppressively baking temperatures that Guantanamo Bay has to offer!

Elena Kagan, a National Security Enigma, Has Embraced Executive Authority

By | 05.10.10 | 8:54 am

So Solicitor General Elena Kagan will be President Obama’s second Supreme Court nominee. The emerging conventional wisdom is that Kagan, a rare nominee for the high court who hasn’t been a judge, is a very smart blank slate. On at least one category of issues that Kagan will face More…

GTMO Postscript: Prosecutor Goes After Defense, Press

By | 05.07.10 | 10:49 am

GUANTANAMO BAY — As an addendum to my piece this morning, it’s worth noting an unexpected and unusual attack on the integrity of Omar Khadr’s attorneys and the press corps here that Navy Capt. John Murphy, the chief prosecutor of the military commissions, issued yesterday afternoon.

After Col. Patrick More…

Pentagon Bans Four Journalists From Guantanamo Bay for Reporting Interrogator #1′s Name

By | 05.06.10 | 5:35 pm

GUANTANAMO BAY — Two weeks’ worth of proceedings in the pre-trial hearing of Omar Khadr found an unexpected meta-conclusion this afternoon as the public affairs shop in the Office of the Secretary of Defense banned four reporters from returning to Guantanamo Bay. Their offense: reporting the name of a witness More…

Khadr Was Told a ‘Fictitious Story’ About a Young Afghan Being Raped and Killed

By | 05.06.10 | 10:58 am

GUANTANAMO BAY — Testifying remotely, a young man known to us as “Interrogator #1″ first said he never threatened a 15-year-old Omar Khadr with rape in the Bagram detention facility in Afghanistan in 2002. Then he elaborated.

“I told him a fictitious story we had invented when we were there,” More…

Notorious Bagram Interrogator to Testify Tomorrow for Khadr

By | 05.04.10 | 5:19 pm

GUANTANAMO BAY — As Omar Khadr’s defense team rushes to present as much of its case as possible this week before a court-mandated government psychological exam of the 23-year-old detainee and both teams of lawyers need to fly off the island, it plans on calling ex-Army Spc. Damien Corsetti More…

Defense Gets Interrogator to Suggest Khadr Was Tortured

By | 05.04.10 | 2:33 pm

GUANTANAMO BAY — After a tough morning session for the defense, Lt. Col. Jon Jackson, Omar Khadr’s military lawyer, brought some momentum back to his team. Jackson cross-examined an Army master sergeant, known to the court only as “Interrogator #2,” who participated in an early interrogation of Khadr at Bagram More…

NCIS Agent Says Omar Khadr Recounted Being Threatened With Torture

By | 05.03.10 | 3:43 pm

GUANTANAMO BAY — No one tell Marc Thiessen, but Greg Finley, a former Naval Criminal Investigative Service special agent who said he interrogated Omar Khadr here 20 times, said this afternoon that he never so much as attempted an abusive or coercive interview with Khadr, because “if you’re abusive or More…