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Nebraska Senators Blast Clinton’s Pipeline Remarks

By | 10.22.10 | 9:23 am

A number of lawmakers are up in arms this week over vague comments by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about the controversial TransCanada Keystone XL pipeline, which is slated to run from Alberta, Canada, to Texas.

Clinton, speaking in San Fransisco earlier this week, suggested that the State Department, More…

A Preview of Small-Business Provisions

By | 09.14.10 | 9:55 am

Today, the Senate is taking up two provisions affecting small businesses — the Small Business Jobs Act and competing amendments that would reduce tax paperwork for small businesses.

Senate Leaves for Break, Plans to Take Up Small Business Bill After Recess

By | 08.06.10 | 4:29 pm

Today, President Obama pushed for the Senate to pass the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act — a modestly sized bill that might unlock as much as $300 billion in credit for small companies, which have created two-thirds of jobs in the past decade.

The bill is considered More…

Thune Urges End of TARP as Part of Unemployment Benefits Extension

By | 11.02.09 | 5:07 pm

In a few moments, the Senate will hold a procedural vote setting the stage for final passage of legislation extending unemployment insurance benefits. Leading up to the vote, Republicans are taking every opportunity to blast the Democrats for not allowing votes on all of their amendments.

Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) More…

GOP Senator: I’ll Force More ACORN Votes

By | 09.17.09 | 3:10 pm

Walter Alarkon talks to Sen. Mike Johanns (R-Neb.), the freshman Republican who got every member of his party, and all but seven Democrats, to support an amendment to the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development funding bill that prevented any of those funds going to ACORN.

How will Johanns More…

An Insurance Insider’s Case for a Public Plan

By | 06.25.09 | 11:03 am

This will shock only those who’ve never had to haggle with an insurance company, but a former employee of an insurance giant gave damning testimony yesterday against his former industry, telling lawmakers that companies like his go out of their way to avoid paying health claims even when they’re legitimate. More…