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Michigan health depts targeting HIV-positive pregnant women unfairly, experts say

By | 12.01.11 | 4:49 pm

On World AIDS Day, President Barack Obama declared that America is on its way to defeating the global pandemic known as the AIDS virus. At an online conference Thursday, the President announced more funding ($50 million more) for HIV/AIDS treatment in the U.S. and a higher target goal More…

AIDS advocates concerned about Kalamazoo County HIV disclosures

By | 05.12.11 | 9:57 am | More from The Michigan Messenger

In spite of a 2009 change to controversial Client Acknowledgement forms used to inform HIV-positive patients of their legal responsibilities in Kalamazoo County, HIV advocates remain seriously concerned about the documents and their use in the county.

The Client Acknowledgement forms came under fire in February when a Michigan More…

Michigan corrections department balks at changing controversial HIV form

By | 04.18.11 | 10:07 am | More from The Michigan Messenger

Image by Matt MahurinLANSING — While advocates hailed an announcement last week by the Michigan Department Community Health to direct local health departments and agencies to review their “Client Acknowledgement” for HIV-positive persons, the Michigan Department of Corrections says it has no intention of changing its form.

Advocates alarmed by spike in Missouri prosecutions of HIV-positive persons

By | 03.15.11 | 9:00 am

Willie Bishop sits in a St. Charles County, Mo., jail awaiting trial on charges of recklessly and knowingly exposing some one to HIV. His act of exposure? The HIV-positive 20-year-old allegedly bit an O’Fallon city police officer during an attempt to take Bishop in on outstanding warrants.

According the More…

Michigan HIV disclosure forms found inaccurate under law

By | 02.07.11 | 9:17 am | More from The Michigan Messenger

Image by: Matt MahurinLANSING — HIV advocates and legal experts say the state’s local health departments and the Michigan Department of Community Health are using documents which exaggerate the risks of HIV transmission and misstate what Michigan law requires.