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How CIA Officials Actually Waterboarded People

By | 03.09.10 | 1:15 pm

A few years ago, a pal of mine named Malcolm Nance testified to a congressional panel about how he was waterboarded. Nance used to instruct Naval Special Forces in how to resist torture, and part of their instruction was, inevitably, to undergo it themselves. Since the CIA’s contract psychologists essentially More…

Military Interrogator: Criminal Investigative Techniques Are Even More Effective Than Military Ones

By | 02.23.10 | 6:10 pm

The following quote was emailed to me by Matthew Alexander, the pseudonym of a military interrogator and vocal torture opponent who helped track down Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq killed in 2006. A veteran of three wars and the Special Forces community, Alexander claims to More…

Torture Advocate Thiessen ‘Browbeat’ CIA Analyst: Colleague

By | 02.23.10 | 4:52 pm

As a postscript to yesterday’s fact-check of Marc Thiessen, a former Bush White House speechwriter and torture proponent, notice how Thiessen, appearing on “Morning Joe,” wrapped himself in the mantle of CIA professionalism when challenged on the efficacy of torture. But according to a former colleague in the White More…

Marc Thiessen Truly Has No Idea What He’s Talking About on Interrogation

By | 02.22.10 | 11:59 am

Watch the former Bush speechwriter and torture enthusiast on “Morning Joe” today. His first point is that President Obama is endangering the country because the Pakistanis aren’t getting intelligence from captured Taliban deputy commander Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. What he doesn’t mention is that intelligence from Baradar, reportedly, directly More…

What Would Kennedy Do?

By | 08.26.09 | 12:13 pm

Former George W. Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen today commends the Bush administration’s “well-run, highly disciplined CIA interrogation program, where clear guidelines were established and abuses or deviations from approved techniques were stopped, reported and addressed.”

I guess Thiessen didn’t read the same CIA inspector general report More…