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After SB5 defeat and budget that cuts funds to localities, Kasich warns against cities asking for state to ‘bail them out’

By | 11.09.11 | 7:14 pm

After voters felled Ohio Governor John Kasich’s signature anti-collective-bargaining law yesterday, he responded with an assurance that the state wasn’t going to pony up any new cash to help struggling cities.

Democrats Look for Vehicles for Medicaid, TANF Funding

By | 07.28.10 | 3:40 pm

After two months of wrangling, Congress passed an extension of unemployment benefits earlier this month. But a number of other of vital safety-net programs remain in limbo.

Obama Promises Small Business, Local Government Aid

By | 05.07.10 | 12:36 pm

This morning, President Barack Obama addressed today’s positive jobs report and indicated that while the recovery is real, it remains fragile. In the statement, he addressed two weaknesses in the employment picture: small businesses, for whom credit remains frozen and which have not picked up hiring, and More…