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McCain Pushed for Land Deal for Keating Associate

By | 10.28.08 | 10:24 am

According to McClatchy, six years after the Keating Five scandal, Sen. John McCain pressured U.S. Forest Service employees to approve a potentially lucrative land swap that would have benefited some big donors — including a former associate of Charles Keating Jr.

Keating Connection: The Sequel

By | 10.10.08 | 12:39 pm

PHOENIX—Sen. John McCain’s wife and father-in-law continued a lucrative business partnership with disgraced financier Charles H. Keating Jr. for 11 years after the GOP presidential nominee said he ended his close friendship with Keating in March 1987.

Cindy McCain’s business partnership with Keating in a real-estate development between 1986 and More…

McCain Helped Keating Friend in ’05

By | 10.07.08 | 5:45 pm

When the Latch School, an Arizona special education institution, asked Sen. John McCain in 2003 to help it secure a $288,000 grant from the Federal Communications Commission — after the school’s request was denied in 2002 — his office didn’t appear to do much.

In 2005, the school made another More…

McCain Ad: Obama’s a ‘Hypocritical’ Liar

By | 10.07.08 | 12:27 pm

In its newest TV ad, titled “Hypo,” the McCain campaign labels Sen. Barack Obama a “hypocritical” liar.

I’ll pause a moment to allow the irony — some might call it hypocrisy — of that sentence to sink in.