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Gay Marriage in California on Hold Until December, at Least

By | 08.17.10 | 8:46 am

Gay couples in California are being told to put their planned celebrations on ice, once again. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th circuit granted opponents of Judge Vaughn Walker’s decision overturning Prop 8′s gay marriage ban a stay on all same-sex marriages until at least December. That’s when More…

Judge Dismisses Wiretapping Cases Against Telecoms, but Al-Haramain Can Proceed

By | 06.04.09 | 9:04 am

A federal district court judge in California yesterday dismissed a slew of lawsuits filed against telecommunications companies that allegedly helped the U.S. government engage in warrantless wiretapping.

Judge Vaughn Walker in San Francisco dismissed the cases because Congress explicitly gave the telecom companies immunity from civil suits in More…

Federal Judge Rejects Obama DOJ’s Argument for Hiding Evidence in Wiretapping Case

By | 04.20.09 | 1:24 pm

While most of us were still reading or recovering from the latest batch of gruesome torture memos released by the Justice Department last week, bmaz at Emptywheel learned and reported that U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker issued his ruling in the al-Haramain warrantless wiretapping case.  In More…

Obama DOJ Defies Federal Judge

By | 03.02.09 | 12:37 am

A heated confrontation is brewing between the Obama administration and the federal judiciary.

Late on Friday, the Justice Department’s lawyers filed a brief with a federal district court in California challenging the court’s power to carry out its own order. The government lawyers insisted that the court has More…