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Gingrich announces Florida campaign leaders, many close to Rubio

GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich today announced campaign chairs and co-chairs for all of Florida’s 67 counties.

Native-friendly amendment voted down by mining-friendly New Mexico representatives

By | 11.03.11 | 9:20 am | More from The New Mexico Independent

Late last week, an amendment proposed by Rep. Ben Ray Luján (D), of New Mexico’s third district, attempting to alter a deal between the U.S. government and a major mining firm was voted down. Luján had been seeking to tweak the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2009, More…

Rep. Walberg of Michigan: Romney nomination would have helped career

By | 09.26.11 | 2:27 pm | More from The Michigan Messenger

Congressman Tim Walberg says that had GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney been the party’s nominee in 2008, he would never have lost his 7th Congressional District seat to Democrat Mark Schauer.

In a piece analyzing the GOP gathering at Mackinac Island this weekend, Politico reports Walberg had this to More…

Obama reelection campaign political director in Florida this weekend

By | 09.20.11 | 1:15 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Barack Obama’s reelection campaign is quietly working in Florida the same week the Conservative Political Action Conference will be held in Orlando.

The Miami Herald reports that “Katherine Archuleta, the political director for Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, is coming to Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando More…

Perry picks up five former Pawlenty staffers in Iowa

By | 09.13.11 | 6:29 pm | More from The Iowa Independent

Texas Gov. Rick Perry today announced additional staff joining his campaign’s Iowa leadership team, including five former members of former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty‘s 2012 presidential campaign.

Latino groups want apology out of McCain for comments about cause of Arizona wildfire

By | 08.29.11 | 9:43 am | More from The Colorado Independent

In the wake of the arrest of two Americans, U.S. Senator John McCain is under fire today for his refusal to apologize for speculating earlier that Arizona’s Willow fire had been caused by illegal immigrants.

Perry to co-chair gala for influential anti-abortion rights group

By | 08.15.11 | 2:50 pm

Following his formal entrance into the 2012 presidential race on Saturday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has signed on to co-chair an anniversary gala for the influential anti-abortion rights policy group Americans United for Life, which was founded in 1971.

Channeling Silicon Valley supporters, Romney endorses green cards for foreign grads

By | 08.12.11 | 5:56 pm

Much was said about walls, borders and welfare during the immigration section of the Republican presidential debate in Ames, Iowa, on Thursday. But the most exceptional comment of the night on immigration came from former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney — the only mainstream candidate to endorse a specific immigration policy idea More…

McCain heckled by tea partiers over ‘Agenda 21′

By | 08.09.11 | 6:49 pm | More from The Colorado Independent

It’s angry Tea Party town hall month in America and, in Arizona yesterday, Senator John McCain got a taste of the kind of crazy that colored Colorado’s gubernatorial race last year. The longtime public servant and one-time GOP presidential nominee was called out of touch by Tea Partiers who were More…

Is Sarah Palin running for U.S. Senate in Arizona?

By | 03.15.11 | 12:12 pm

Last week, Politico’s Ben Smith reported that sources within Sarah Palin’s camp had told him that, if she elects to vie for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, she’d base her campaign out of Scottsdale, Ariz., not far from Maricopa, where daughter Bristol just bought a house. Now, the More…