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Elizabeth Edwards, 61, dies of cancer

By | 12.07.10 | 5:20 pm

WRAL reports that Elizabeth Edwards passed away today at her home in Chapel Hill after a long bout with cancer.

Elizabeth Edwards, the political wife whose public battle with breast cancer, coping with marital infidelity and continued advocacy for the downtrodden raised her profile above that of her husband, died


Could Democrats Take Texas?

By | 09.21.10 | 3:00 pm

In an election cycle that looks increasingly like it might be a Republican “wave” year, Texas would seem like an unlikely place for Democrats to go looking for a silver lining. But as Mother Jones’ Suzy Khimm reports, Democrats might just be on the verge of taking back the More…

Wendy Button: Edwards Critic, McCain Supporter

By | 02.11.10 | 11:23 am

Former John Edwards speechwriter Wendy Button’s mini-memoir of the “mess” is worth reading, especially her account of how he replaced her words — “I lied” — with the anodyne and empty “these words will never be enough.” But after reading it, I wondered where I’d heard of Button More…

#1 in Conspiracy Theories

By | 01.25.10 | 4:18 pm

Andrew Young’s tell-all biography of John Edwards, hitting shelves next week, is surging in one category in particular.

The Courting of Ted Kennedy, 2008

By | 08.26.09 | 4:59 pm

I’ve been re-reading “Clash of Dynasties,” the twelfth chapter of Dan Balz and Haynes Johnson’s campaign history “The Battle for America,” which is all about the negotiations between Kennedy and the leading candidates for the 2008 Democratic nomination — negotiations that ended in Kennedy’s pivotal endorsement of Barack Obama, without More…

‘Real America’ and Palin

By | 07.06.09 | 7:55 am

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” roiled, as most political shows will today, with discussions of Gov. Sarah Palin’s (R-Alaska) resignation. And as with most discussion of Palin, it featured well-paid New York or Washington-based pundits explaining why the second member of a Republican ticket that lost Indiana, Ohio and Virginia represented “real More…

Edwards Not Ready to Say He Shouldn’t Have Run for President

By | 06.17.09 | 2:56 pm

Former presidential contender John Edwards has been largely in hiding since admitting last August to an extramarital affair with a woman who later worked for his second presidential campaign. But in a lengthy interview with The Washington Post this week, Edwards broke out of the shell a bit More…