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Pajamas TV, Home of the Hits

By | 02.16.10 | 9:17 am

A year ago, Pajamas TV was taking some licks for hiring Joe the Plumber to do reporting in Israel and, later, in Washington. But the web-based video network was all over the National Tea Party Convention, and last week I noticed its reporters and fans trying to get a hashtag More…

Regrets? Joe the Plumber Has a Few

By | 09.28.09 | 9:28 am

Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher was a late addition to the speaker lineup at the How to Take Back America Conference last weekend in St. Louis, but I don’t know what the attendees would have done without him. After his short Friday night dinner speech, Wurzelbacher was given a golden More…

Hulk Hogan Joins the Tea Party Movement

By | 08.24.09 | 4:38 pm

Hulk Hogan, who’s become a spokesman for the decidedly too-good-to-be-true sounding, appeared at the Aug. 22 Orlando Tea Party to tell protesters that he was “in the same boat” as them, and that they could fight the government by signing up at his Website. His pitch from the More…

RightOnline Attendees Soak Up Success

By | 08.18.09 | 6:00 am

PITTSBURGH – Scott and Anna Allegrini founded The Children of Liberty shortly after the inauguration of President Barack Obama. It was a small group that would meet at the local library in Sylvania, Ohio, bringing in guest lecturers to talk about economics and the More…

RightOnline: Joe the Plumber, John Fund

By | 08.15.09 | 10:07 am

PITTSBURGH – Somebody got to Joe Wurzelbacher. In a short speech to the RightOnline conference, the man formerly and forever known as “Joe the Plumber” (whose famous confrontation with Barack Obama is coming up on its one-year anniversary) dodged the angry or homophobic gaffes that have dominated coverage More…

Is Joe the Plumber the Funniest Celebrity in Washington?

By | 08.14.09 | 12:14 pm

Joe Wurzelbacher, who lives in northwestern Ohio, is the marquee talent for the 16th annual “Funniest Celebrity in Washington” contest. From the press release:

Show producer Richard Siegel today updated the sure-to-be-hilarious lineup, featuring some of the biggest names to ever participate in the show.  Political commentator


Meghan McCain on Joe the Plumber: ‘A Dumbass’

By | 07.15.09 | 3:39 pm

Jamie Kirchick interviews the incredibly resilient Republican pundit/daughter of the 2008 presidential candidate, who takes a swing at Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher.

Shortly before McCain sat for this interview, Samuel Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, gave an interview to Christianity Today in which he complained about “queers” and declared,


PajamasTV, For People Who Find ‘Hannity’ Too Intellectually Taxing

By | 06.03.09 | 2:54 pm

Remember when Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher reported on the stimulus package for the semi-obscure Web video site PajamasTV and was denied access to parts of the Capitol? He wasn’t happy about that:

Unfortunately I was explained to that (sic) right now is considered more opinionated than hard


Joe the Plumber Quits the GOP

By | 05.07.09 | 9:48 am

I’m pretty sure he’s hinted at this before, but Time magazine gets the, uh, scoop:

Samuel Wurzelbacher, better known as Joe the Plumber, tells TIME he’s so outraged by GOP overspending, he’s quitting the party — and he’s the bull’s-eye of its target audience.

Wurzelbacher has become a More…

Joe the Plumber? Don’t Know Him

By | 05.06.09 | 3:31 pm

Roger L. Simon of Pajamas Media and PJTV reacts to Samuel Wurzelbacher’s Christianity Today interview:

It should go without saying that this view in no way reflects the views of Pajamas Media or Pajamas TV. Speaking personally, as a very public supporter of gay marriage, I couldn’t disagree