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Operation Rescue offers ammunition to House GOP trying to pass anti-abortion insurance bill

By | 10.13.11 | 9:40 am

Flickr/visual.dichotomyUPDATED: 2:50 p.m. EST, with clarification*

Anti-abortion-rights group Operation Rescue has released its most recent undercover look at the American abortion industry, using excerpted audio recordings to show “millions of tax dollars are already paying for abortions each year.”

Poll: Opposition to health care reform falling

By | 05.03.11 | 1:06 pm

Opposition to health care reform has sharply declined in recent weeks, according to a new survey from polling company Rasmussen Reports.

The new Rasmussen health care poll found that 47 percent said they were for repeal of the health reform legislation, compared to 42 percent in favor of More…

Are the Bank of America leaks a smoking gun or a dud?

By | 03.14.11 | 10:15 am

Early this morning, Internet group Anonymous, an online forum that has of late sought to position itself as a political force of hackers and whistleblowers, released a series of emails leaked by a former Bank of America employee. In a statement to Anonymous, the former loan processor alleged that there More…

A Note of Caution on Health Care

By | 09.23.10 | 9:13 am

The first round of changes from the March health-care reform law take effect today. Yesterday, President Obama, speaking from a Falls Church backyard, touted the impact of the changes and listened to guests explain how they will benefit.

The Aftereffects of Katrina on New Orleans

By | 08.30.10 | 1:10 pm

Today at TWI, we started running a series of stories on New Orleans five years after Katrina, trying to investigate some of the overlooked, unexpected consequences of the devastating hurricane. First up is Andrew Restuccia’s investigation of longstanding problems with landfills and trash disposal in the New Orleans flood More…


With Loss of COBRA Subsidy, Newly Unemployed Face Tripling of Insurance Costs

By | 08.24.10 | 4:45 am

In the first week of July, Andie Davis’ husband, who worked in manufacturing, lost his job, as hundreds of thousands of Michiganders have since the onset of the recession. Soon after, he started collecting unemployment insurance benefits that might last the family of four as long as 99 weeks. Davis More…

Short-Term Medicaid Rate Hike Breeds Long-Term Concerns

By | 04.01.10 | 6:00 am

It’s been trumpeted as one of the key elements in the Democrats’ plan to expand access to health care for tens of millions of vulnerable Americans.

Yet a provision of the newly passed health reform bill that raises doctors’ payments under Medicaid is both temporary and limited in the More…

New Features at TWI’s Senate Public Option Scoreboard

By | 11.16.09 | 3:30 pm

We’ve added some new information to TWI’s ever-evolving Senate Public Option Scoreboard. In addition to every senator’s stance on the public option, the Scoreboard now displays the percentage of people in each senator’s home state who lack health insurance, according to the most recent U.S. Census Bureau data. We’ve More…

Forgotten in the Debate: Most States Already Have Public Plans

By | 08.19.09 | 11:09 am

Yesterday, Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas) told Fox News that he hopes the town hall outcries will end the Democrats’ push for a public plan option and focus the debate instead on other elements of health care reform, like insuring folks with preexisting conditions.

You’ve heard from the American people these


Dodd Reiterates Support for Public Plan

By | 08.18.09 | 4:07 pm

Still recovering from prostate cancer surgery, Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) just shot out a statement reaffirming the importance of the public insurance option to the Democrats’ health reform legislation. Dodd had stepped in to replace the ailing Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) as head of the Senate Health, Education, More…