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A Plurality of Americans Self-Identify as Conservative. What’s New?

By | 06.25.10 | 12:11 pm

According to new numbers from Gallup, more than four in ten Americans describe themselves as conservative, significantly more than the 35 percent who describe themselves as moderate, and more than double the 20 percent who describe themselves as liberal.  If this holds for the rest of the year, the More…

An RNC Purity Test?

By | 11.23.09 | 1:09 pm

Reid Wilson has the first look at a resolution being pushed by Republican National Committee member Jim Bopp, author of the infamous “socialist” resolution, that would aim to prevent future NY-23 disasters by requiring that candidates agree to at least seven of 10 issue promises in order to receive More…

Poll: Americans Oppose Make-Believe Legislation

By | 01.14.09 | 6:36 pm

In addition to super-accurate presidential and local race polling, Rasmussen Reports traffics in polls that ask unusual questions that have been bouncing around conservative circles. In October 2008, for example, the company asked if Americans agreed with President Ronald Reagan’s first inaugural address and the statement “Government is not More…

Ideology in Your DNA? Not Quite.

By | 09.19.08 | 6:16 pm

A story today in the The Los Angeles Times on a study about biology and politics starts with: “Die-hard liberals and conservatives aren’t made; they’re born. It’s literally in their DNA.”

Intrigued, I called the study’s head researcher, Douglas Oxley of the University of Nebraska, to see if More…