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Anti-abortion group to honor college student with award named after anti-Nazi organizers

By | 03.23.11 | 3:25 pm

It’s become rare lately to hear any anti-abortion argument without also hearing the words “eugenics,” “Margaret Sanger” and “genocide.” In the past few years, the grim metaphors have become even more targeted.

There’s Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, an anti-abortion rights group based in Los Angeles that considers every More…

Bachmann Backs Fundraiser; Speaker Likens Obama to Hitler, Says He Paves Way for Antichrist

By | 10.30.09 | 10:41 am

The Minnesota Independent’s Andy Birkey reports that Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) has thrown her support behind a Nov. 9 fundraiser in St. Paul for the Citizens’ Council on Health Care, which bills itself as “a free-market resource for designing the future of health care.” More…

Yes, the Right Is Using Nazi Comparisons

By | 08.12.09 | 4:42 pm

Ed Morrissey and John McCormack, two smart conservatives, have two dishonest responses to this morning’s discovery that a popular “Obama=Hitler” poster was created by the cult of fringe Democratic activist Lyndon LaRouche. Morrissey calls the LaRouche poster “the origin of the ‘Nazi’ references at a handful of town-hall protests.” More…

Anti-Defamation League Condemns Limbaugh: “Deeply Offensive”

By | 08.07.09 | 12:48 pm

The Anti-Defamation League is out with a statement shaming Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives for bringing Nazi and Hitler comparisons into the debate on health care. ADL’s national director Abe Foxman takes direct aim at the radio talk show host for his extended comparison, on yesterday’s show, between More…

Town Hall Crashers: ‘Turn the Tables on Our Fuhrer’

By | 08.05.09 | 10:27 am

On Tuesday, Rep. Russ Carnahan (D-Mo.) held a press conference on the “cash for clunkers” program and was met by “dozens” of conservative protesters trying to drown him out. The protest was organized by the St. Louis Tea Party, whose Bill Hennessy told protesters the location, the time, More…

Tea Party Roundup

By | 07.06.09 | 11:42 am

The biggest story out of this weekend’s Tea Party protests, unfortunately for its organizers, seems to be the Duval County, Florida Republican Party’s endorsement of an event that featured an unusual number of “Obama = Hitler” signs. Jax Politics has photos which have been stripped from Facebook.

More, from More…

Scenes From the Real America

By | 04.06.09 | 10:54 am

I spent Saturday at the bi-annual Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot, right outside of Louisville, Ky. Gun enthusiasts of all stripes were there — from the National Rifle Association and sportsmen to militia members to white supremacists and Obama birthers. Here’s a collection of choice photos from the show More…

Ga. Congressman Compares Obama to Hitler

By | 11.11.08 | 12:25 pm

We all knew it was coming. It was just a matter of when.

After the election, it took all of six days — a surprisingly long time, actually — before a Southern GOP Congressman said something crazy about President-elect Barack Obama.

The charge: Obama is a closet totalitarian Marxist and More…