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Texas alumni groups selling students’ personal information to financial institutions

By | 09.26.11 | 3:22 pm

Colleges and alumni associations throughout Texas are making money from banks and credit card companies by selling them the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of alumni, faculty, ticket holders, donors and students, according to reporting by KENS Channel 5 in San Antonio.

Affirmative action opponents petition Supreme Court to review UT case

By | 09.20.11 | 5:32 pm

The University of Texas is once again embroiled in a possible Supreme Court case involving affirmative action in their admissions process. As the Austin American-Statesman reported, lawyers have filed a petition on behalf of a student who’d applied to the school, asking for the Supreme Court to review the UT’s More…

Perry-backed WGU Texas to bring online college degrees shaped by business leaders

By | 09.14.11 | 12:04 pm

Later this month, officials with Western Governors University will announce new details about the nonprofit online college’s Texas chapter, a sub-university created in August with a wave of Gov. Rick Perry’s pen.

Study: Whites receive disproportionate share of college grants, scholarship funds (graph)

By | 09.13.11 | 4:24 pm

The founder of the influential and websites wrote a short research paper two weeks ago arguing college minorities receive a disproportionately smaller share of available private scholarships and grant funding. The paper has received renewed attention after popular blog Freakonomics mentioned it Monday.

Gates Foundation grant supports launch of WGU Texas, Perry-backed online university

By | 09.02.11 | 3:58 pm

Western Governors University, the nonprofit online school launching a Texas-specific subsidiary with Gov. Rick Perry’s support, will receive a $4.5 million grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to expand its partnerships with state governments.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott prepares looks to import controversial Texas higher ed reforms

By | 08.25.11 | 11:31 am

Could Texas style higher education reform be headed to Florida? As our sister site, the Florida Independent, has reported, Gov. Rick Scott has been promoting the same type of higher education reforms pushed in Texas by Gov. Rick Perry.

The reforms Scott is pushing include teacher merit pay, ending or More…

A&M professors lash out over former UT adviser’s report on faculty productivity

By | 08.04.11 | 5:51 pm

Texas A&M University faculty are unhappy with a recent report on faculty productivity written by Rick O’Donnell, a former special adviser to the University of Texas Board of Regents.

The report, released last month, splits instructors into groups according to labels like “dodgers” and “sherpas,” based on the credit hours More…

Perry issues executive order creating WGU Texas, promising cheap, online degrees

By | 08.03.11 | 7:04 pm

Gov. Rick Perry issued an executive order today announcing the creation of Western Governors University Texas, a local partnership between WGU, a nonprofit online university, and the State of Texas.

Senators agree on high-skilled immigration reform, but Democrats insist it must be comprehensive

By | 07.27.11 | 6:43 pm

The current employment-based immigration system is dysfunctional and needs reform, panelists and lawmakers stated at a Senate Judiciary committee hearing on Tuesday. Judiciary Chairman Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) presided over the hearing, which heard testimony from leaders in the business, higher education and immigrant communities, as well as three American mayors.

Education level of Texas regents essentially the same as in 1999

By | 06.21.11 | 1:12 pm

Previously, the Texas Independent reported that, on average, regents of Texas university systems are less-educated than their counterparts in other large states. Further analysis shows that the average number of academic degrees held by Texas university system regents has not changed significantly since 1999, the year before then-Gov. George W. More…