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Deepwater Horizon contractor awards executive bonuses for record ‘safety’ year

By | 04.04.11 | 11:39 am

Just weeks ago, sightings of oily sediment washing up on Gulf Coast shores served as a pointed reminder of the continued devastation of last year’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill — a mystery that was never solved, despite conflicting reports attempting to find an explanation. Now, Transocean, the More…

More on Inconsistencies in Gulf Oil Spill Claims Decisions

By | 10.29.10 | 5:01 pm

Following up on my post yesterday on inconsistencies in the Gulf oil spill claims process, I thought I’d share this email I received from Gary Eichler, who runs a charter fishing company in Naples, Fla.

We are a charter fishing/eco-tour company in Naples, Fla. While we received four claim


Inconsistencies Emerging in Oil Spill Claims Decisions

By | 10.28.10 | 5:05 pm

Scott Perry used to sell timeshares in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. After the oil spill, people didn’t want to buy timeshares on the beach and his sales plummeted.

Perry was told that he was ineligible to receive compensation through the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and should seek relief from a separate pool More…

Prior to Oil Spill, Halliburton Testing Showed Well Cement Was ‘Unstable’

By | 10.28.10 | 2:05 pm

Testing conducted by Halliburton weeks before the Macondo well blowout indicated that the cement to be used to secure the well casing was unstable, staff for the national oil spill commission said today. At the same time, BP had some initial data showing that a cement mixture similar to the More…

On the Frontline/ProPublica Oil Spill Documentary

By | 10.27.10 | 5:44 pm

I just finished watching the Frontline/ProPublica documentary on BP. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely worth your time. The documentary tracks BP’s spotty safety record, from a 2005 explosion at one of its oil refineries in Texas that killed four people to pipeline spills in Alaska to More…

More on Escalated Oil Spill Claims

By | 10.26.10 | 6:01 pm

I’ve reported twice now (here and here) on the issue of Gulf oil spill victims being told their claims have been expedited, or “escalated,” only to wait days and in some cases weeks without receiving compensation for the losses they incurred.

My post yesterday elicited a number of More…

ProPublica Exposes BP’s Flawed Corporate Culture

By | 10.26.10 | 3:09 pm

If you read nothing else today, read the new ProPublica investigation on the many flaws in BP’s corporate culture that led to the massive Gulf oil spill.

Here’s an excerpt that sums the story up nicely:

The investigation found that as BP transformed itself into the world’s third largest


Some Oil Spill Victims Have Yet to Receive Compensation, Even After Claims Were ‘Escalated’

By | 10.25.10 | 12:29 pm

ProPublica just posted a good story on Gulf oil spill victims who are still waiting to receive compensation for their losses, even after being told by Gulf Coast Claims Facility staff that their claim had been expedited, or “escalated.”

I reported the same thing last week, highlighting the More…

Chevron to Develop Oil Fields in Deeper Water Than Deepwater Horizon Rig

By | 10.22.10 | 11:54 am

Here’s something that’s sure to get under environmentalists’ skin. Chevron announced yesterday that it plans to develop two Gulf of Mexico oil fields in waters that are significantly deeper than those surrounding the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which exploded in April, dumping 4.9 million barrels of oil into the More…

Oil Spill Causes Boat Ramp Closures

‘Under review’ and in limbo

By | 10.19.10 | 6:00 am

For more than seven weeks, Jeannie Mathis has been waiting for a check from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, the independent entity charged with doling out the money BP set aside to compensate victims of the Gulf oil spill. And for seven weeks, her claim has been “under review.”

[Economy1] More…