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Palin goes to Colorado to honor troops with Christian military crusader

By | 04.26.11 | 6:06 pm | More from The Colorado Independent

Image by Matt MahurinThe Centennial Institute conservative think tank at Colorado Christian University is hosting a “Tribute to the Troops” Monday, where the featured speakers will be Sarah Palin and General William “Jerry” Boykin. Although both figures in the past have been associated with an aggressive Christian politics known as More…

A Bittersweet Farewell to a TWI Icon, Spencer Ackerman

By | 06.23.10 | 3:15 pm

It is with a mix of emotions that I announce the departure of The Washington Independent’s national security reporter — and in many ways the cornerstone of the site — Spencer Ackerman. Spencer joined TWI when it was still just an idea, and he’s as responsible as anyone for turning More…

Justice Department to Purchase Thomson Prison?

By | 05.21.10 | 7:45 pm

That’s what Robert Gibbs suggested in his press conference today when asked about the House Armed Services Committee’s move to block the Defense Department from purchasing the Illinois prison, a necessary step in President Obama’s plan to close Guantanamo Bay.

I will say that we have always maintained that


House Panel Deals Gitmo Closure a Major Setback

By | 05.20.10 | 1:01 pm

The Obama administration’s longstanding pledge to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay just hit a major obstacle in the House, creating doubts over whether the detention facility can be closed this year — if at all.

Last night the House Armed Services Committee finished this year’s bill authorizing $567 More…

‘The Monster’ Testifies at Gitmo Hearing

By | 05.05.10 | 3:05 pm

GUANTANAMO BAY — His nickname wasn’t “Monster,” he admonished the lawyer. It was “The Monster.” That was what the Bagram Collection Point’s interrogators, guards — and most especially detainees — called Army interrogator Damien Corsetti. And it was important to him that the court correctly record his story.

Back then More…

Confusion Reigns at Gitmo After Khadr Is a Courtroom No-Show

By | 04.29.10 | 12:15 pm

GUANTANAMO BAY — Welcome to the first courtroom logjam of what officials here call military commissions 4.2.

Omar Khadr’s pre-trial hearing this morning experienced an unexplained hour-long delay. Court officers filtered in at 10 a.m., without a certain important individual: Omar Khadr.

[Security1] Prosecution promptly called a Marine Corps captain, More…

GTMO Video: Daphne Eviatar Discusses Day 1 of Khadr Hearing

By | 04.28.10 | 6:38 pm

GUANTANAMO BAY — Seated near me in the courtroom today during Omar Khadr’s pre-trial hearing was a sight for sun-beaten eyes: Daphne Eviatar, the former TWI legal affairs correspondent who’s now working for Human Rights First. Shortly after Army Col. Pat Parrish, the judge hearing the case, gaveled this afternoon’s More…

A Military Commissions Primer From David Iglesias (Video)

By | 04.27.10 | 10:47 am

GUANTANAMO BAY — David Iglesias, who in a previous professional incarnation was a U.S. attorney fired by the Bush administration for insufficient loyalty to the Republican Party, began his career as a defense counsel in the Navy JAG corps. Now he’s a prosecutor again, this time for the much-criticized and More…

Civil Liberties Groups Oppose Obama’s Plan to Close Gitmo, Absent Serious Changes

By | 04.08.10 | 12:51 pm

In an indication of the full-spectrum pressure that the Obama administration is facing on its plan to close Guantanamo Bay, today a coalition of major civil liberties groups — the very groups that have led the charge to close the island detention facility since its 2002 inception — sent a More…

Key Figure in Bush’s Military Commissions Set for Obama Job

By | 02.09.10 | 6:00 am

A key behind-the-scenes architect of the Bush administration’s first version of the military commissions for terrorism suspects — which the Supreme Court found to unconstitutionally restrict the legal rights of detainees — will take a central Pentagon position dealing with detainee policy for the Obama administration.

William Lietzau, a Marine More…