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Perry’s political appointments don’t match Texas’ proportion of women, minority groups

By | 09.26.11 | 12:01 pm

Women and minorities are under-represented in the nearly 6,000 appointments Texas Gov. Rick Perry has made in his decade in office, according to the Abilene Reporter-News, failing to keep up with Texas’ shifting demographics and appointing women at a lower rate than the two governors before him.

Americans believe feds waste 51 cents of every dollar, think states waste less

By | 09.19.11 | 6:22 pm

A new Gallup poll finds, on average, Americans believe 51 cents out of every dollar the federal government spends is wasted, a new high since the question was first asked in 1979.

Harkin annual steak fry serves as liberal morale booster, chance to chide GOP 2012ers

By | 09.19.11 | 1:20 pm

INDIANOLA — U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin’s 34th annual steak fry Sunday afternoon was equal parts a lifting of liberal morale and a lampooning of the GOP presidential contenders now traversing Iowa.

Rick Scott claims winner of Fla. straw poll will win nomination

By | 09.19.11 | 12:44 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Florida Gov. Rick Scott said on Fox and Friends today that ”you cannot win the presidency if you don’t win in Florida.”

Scott said Ronald Reagan and George Bush won the Florida straw poll and went on to win the nomination and the presidency. He added that More…

Florida congressman attacks EPA for ‘going wild,’ using ‘junk science’

By | 09.14.11 | 1:11 pm

Congressman Dennis Ross, R-Lakeland, again slammed the federal Environmental Protection Agency in an appearance today on Fox Business.

Florida congressman meets with EPA Administrator Jackson, calls out “activist science”

By | 09.07.11 | 1:32 pm | More from The Florida Independent

In a tweet sent out this morning, Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Lakeland, says that the EPA must stop using “activist/ junk science or lose their funding.”

Grayson watches Fla. redistricting process as he contemplates a comeback

By | 09.02.11 | 9:42 am | More from The Florida Independent

This report is part of collaboration with WNYC’s “It’s a Free Country” to cover the 25 most captivating congressional races from around the country.

Alan Grayson, the former Democratic representative from Orlando who made national headlines for his pointed criticisms of the Republican Party, is running for Congress — More…

Operation Rescue president: FACE Act enforcement is political move to silence abortion protests

By | 09.01.11 | 2:35 pm | More from The Florida Independent

In a recent story on NPR about the  Obama administration’s ramped-up enforcement of the FACE Act, Operation Rescue President Troy Newman says the enforcement is really just a “political tool” to shut down abortion protesters. #

Former Iowa GOP official will helm Perry’s campaign in the Hawkeye State

By | 08.26.11 | 3:42 pm | More from The Iowa Independent

The presidential campaign for Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced members of its Iowa team Friday.

Leading the Hawkeye State effort as state director will be Matt Gronewald, a former deputy executive director of the Republican Party of Iowa and a long-time strategist for the GOP.

Further explanation of federal board decision denying immigrants advisal before questioning

By | 08.17.11 | 4:00 pm | More from The Florida Independent

On Tuesday, The American Independent reported that the Board of Immigration Appeals, a body that is part of the U.S. Justice Department, made a decision on Aug. 11 arguing that federal regulations do not require that immigrants arrested without a warrant have to be notified of their rights before being More…