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Mixed reactions for Panetta-Petraeus Defense-CIA announcements

By | 04.27.11 | 2:08 pm

The release of President Obama’s long-form birth certificate has overshadowed another major story coming out of the administration today. Multiple sources within the Pentagon have told the AP and reporters from other publications that President Obama intends to nominate current CIA director Leon Panetta to fill the position More…

In Shadow of Assassination, Afghan & NATO Troops Launch Major Kandahar Firefight

By | 06.16.10 | 8:50 am

According to an early-morning press release from ISAF, the NATO force in Afghanistan, Afghan troops supported by NATO forces have concluded a “five-day operation” north of Kandahar city that sounds major:

Directly contributing to the ongoing efforts of Hamkari security operations in Kandahar City and nearby districts, the five-day operation


Imminent Pakistan Offensive Poses Risks for Obama

By | 10.15.09 | 1:00 pm

Very little is clear about the forthcoming Pakistani military push into Waziristan, the rugged, mountainous tribal home base of the Pakistani Taliban and, most likely, Osama bin Laden. When it will begin; what its objectives are; how it will achieve them; and why it will succeed when a 2006 military More…

Once a Renegade, Counterinsurgency Retiree Represents Iraq Norm

By | 07.22.09 | 6:00 am

In the spring of 2006, with sectarian violence in Baghdad claiming hundreds of lives every week, an officer with the First Cavalry Division submitted an essay to a counterinsurgency writing competition on how the U.S. military needed to adapt for a confusing war. Drawing on the writings of the obscure More…

Clinton Speech Signals Transformation at State

By | 07.15.09 | 5:04 pm

Over the last several days, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has quietly begun institutionalizing the Obama administration’s pledge to rebalance civilian and military elements of national security. Her speech to the Council on Foreign Relations Wednesday afternoon is her most More…