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How Much Does It Cost to Become an American?

By | 09.27.10 | 4:20 pm

The cost of a naturalization application is still $595, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced last week. The agency decided against a proposed fee hike on naturalization applications after the fee increase was discouraged in a public comment period. Of course, that doesn’t mean all fees were frozen: More…

Refund Anticipation Loans Continue to Harm Low-Income Taxpayers

By | 03.31.10 | 6:00 am

Despite years of efforts to rein in the practice, lightly regulated tax preparers will be permitted to continue peddling high-cost refund anticipation loans once again this tax season to the most vulnerable filers, as tougher rules to curb the practice languish in bureaucratic purgatory.

[Economy1] Refund anticipation loans, or More…

A Partial Defense of Payday Lenders: Banks Are Just as Bad

By | 03.10.10 | 1:58 pm

For many people, payday lenders and check-cashing outfits are the scum of the financial-sector earth; they’re called usurious, compared to illegal loan sharks and may finally be subject to at least some federal regulation (if not enforcement). But G.D. at Post Bourgie has an More…

5 Ways to Avoid Credit Card Company Tricks

By | 02.22.10 | 5:57 pm

With the advent of new credit card regulations designed to keep credit card companies from engaging in the most predatory practices, the companies are very, very busy trying to find legal ways to keep making money in the exact same ways they always have: with confusing rules, crazy More…

Banks Admit They Don’t Intend to Lose Profits to Regulation

By | 02.17.10 | 10:03 am

In an early roll-out of what is likely to be part of the financial industry’s regulation-busting public relations strategy, JPMorgan Chase analysts issued a report stating that any government efforts to prevent future financial meltdowns will cost them money. Naturally, they have no intention of losing a cent More…

Fees Charged by Bailed Out Banks Finally Draw Some Ire

By | 04.13.09 | 10:10 am

This should have happened a long time ago: Banks that received government bailout money and  continue to charge consumers excessive fees on credit cards and other services are getting a second look, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The committee overseeing federal banking-bailout programs is investigating the lending practices of


Somebody’s Getting Rich off the Recession: Bankruptcy Lawyers Charging $1,000 an Hour

By | 01.28.09 | 9:47 am

I guess there must be a bright side for somebody in any economic downturn, and top bankruptcy lawyers seem to have found it. As hard times hit more businesses, they are charging upwards $1,000 per hour or more for company restructurings, Bloomberg reports.

Lawyers at More…