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‘Personhood’ video looks to Hungary proposal as proof abortion can be criminalized in U.S. states

By | 08.09.11 | 12:16 pm

The national anti-abortion rights group Personhood USA, whose main efforts are to help states pass so-called “personhood” constitutional amendments, has been promoting avideo that makes a state’s ability to criminalize abortion seem rather simple.

Quartet Calls for Palestinian State in 24 Months From… Sometime

By | 03.19.10 | 8:57 am

The Quartet of major international players attempting to broker an Israeli-Palestinian negotiated settlement — the European Union, the U.S., Russia, and the United Nations — have issued a new statement lauding George Mitchell’s brokered “proximity talks” between the two parties, and calling for those talks to yield direct negotiations More…

U.S., EU Issue Rare Joint Statement Against Iranian Human Rights Abuses

By | 02.08.10 | 10:25 am

Fresh out:

The United States and the European Union condemn the continuing human rights violations in Iran since the June 12 election. The large scale detentions and mass trials, the threatened execution of protestors, the intimidation of family members of those detained and the continuing denial to its citizens of


Gates Warns Iran on Sanctions

By | 12.11.09 | 8:39 am

Speaking of the Obama administration hinting at new sanctions placed on Iran, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, in a visit to the Kurdish regions of Iraq, dropped all subtlety:

President Obama had set a Dec. 31 deadline for Iran to respond to the proposals before he turns to pursuing what