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An Obama Pakistan Vow Returns

By | 11.30.09 | 9:41 am

There’s talk about how Iran’s apparent rejection of President Obama’s outreach represents the end of a 2008 campaign goal. And it’s not exactly wrong, though it may be premature. But in today’s Washington Post, it’s clear that another, darker campaign vow is returning, this time about Pakistan. More…

Edwards Not Ready to Say He Shouldn’t Have Run for President

By | 06.17.09 | 2:56 pm

Former presidential contender John Edwards has been largely in hiding since admitting last August to an extramarital affair with a woman who later worked for his second presidential campaign. But in a lengthy interview with The Washington Post this week, Edwards broke out of the shell a bit More…

Coleman Recount Backfires

By | 04.07.09 | 2:17 pm

At the start of the day, Minnesota Democrat Al Franken was leading former GOP Sen. Norm Coleman by 225 votes in their epic contest for the U.S. Senate. Now, thanks to a recount of nearly 400 ballots contested by Coleman, Franken is up by 312.

From the Minneapolis Star More…

Pawlenty: ‘A Few More Months’ to Resolve Franken-Coleman Standoff

By | 04.06.09 | 5:11 pm

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) said today that he won’t validate a winner in the long-running Senate standoff between former Sen. Norm Coleman (R) and Al Franken (DFL) until “we get a proper result” — a process that will likely take “a few more months.”

Franken currently More…

Sanders to Lieberman: You Would Choose Power Over Party?

By | 11.19.08 | 2:35 pm

From Politico: It seems that Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) had some choice words for fellow Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman (Conn.) during yesterday’s closed-door discussion over how Democrats would punish Lieberman for his alacritous promotion of John McCain through the presidential campaign.

Lieberman had threatened to defect to the Republican More…

Proud To Be a Virginian

By | 11.04.08 | 4:32 pm

As someone who’s lived almost my entire life in Virginia, this election means a great deal to me, as it does to most voters in the state.

For the first time since 1964, Virginia is in play in a presidential election. Many residents are surprised to see Virginia shaded blue More…

NYTs: Networks Would Call Election With Polls Still Open

By | 11.04.08 | 11:08 am

Last week, Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) called on TV networks and other news organizations to refrain from calling the presidential winner while the polls remain open on the West Coast.

Today, The New York Times reports on the responses from some of those outlets. And here’s a hint: More…

Mashing Up the Nominees & ‘So You Think You Can Dance’

By | 10.22.08 | 9:01 am

If you’ve ever felt like the presidential campaign is descending to the level of “American Idol,” then this new YouTube mashup is for you.

Uploaded on Tuesday night, “So You Think You Can Be President — Debate Remix,” only has about a thousand views so far, but it is a More…

McCain’s Strategy Rests on Pennsylvania

By | 10.21.08 | 11:35 am

In case anyone was not yet completely convinced of the difficulty facing Sen. John McCain in his quest for 270 electoral votes, Politico’s Mike Allen reports his strategy now rests on one blue state — Pennsylvania.

Truth-Stretching a New Tactic for Palin

By | 10.20.08 | 6:05 am

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – During Gov. Sarah Palin’s relatively brief time in the national political spotlight as the Republican vice-presidential nominee, she’s developed a reputation for making misleading or inaccurate statements about her own record and that of Sen. Barack Obama’s.

Palin has claimed she’s been a champion of earmark reform, More…