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Rand Paul on Deadly Mine Collapse: ‘Sometimes Accidents Happen’

By | 05.21.10 | 5:34 pm

Late last month, two young coal miners were killed in western Kentucky when a roof collapsed at the Dotiki coal mine, a non-union operation owned by Tulsa, Okla.-based Alliance Resource Partners.

Today, Rand Paul, the GOP nominee to replace outgoing Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning (R), weighed in on More…

An RNC Purity Test?

By | 11.23.09 | 1:09 pm

Reid Wilson has the first look at a resolution being pushed by Republican National Committee member Jim Bopp, author of the infamous “socialist” resolution, that would aim to prevent future NY-23 disasters by requiring that candidates agree to at least seven of 10 issue promises in order to receive More…

NY-23: Scozzafava Flip-Flops on Card Check

By | 10.19.09 | 3:28 pm

Lindsay Beyerstein has the goods on Dede Scozzafava, the GOP’s luckless candidate in New York’s 23rd Congressional District. In September, Scozzafava’s campaign claimed she opposed the “card check” provision of the Employee Free Choice Act. But at the same time, she told the AFL-CIO, in a candidate questionnaire, that More…

The Year of the Moderate

By | 07.17.09 | 11:39 am

If anyone thought that a liberal President Obama, backed by large Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, was just going to write his way through Washington this year — think again.

It’s a moderate’s world on Capitol Hill right now, and the latest evidence arrived yesterday when the Democratic More…

Toomey Whacks Specter on EFCA Soul-Searching

By | 05.14.09 | 3:10 pm

When Sen. Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) switched parties, Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform told me that it could have been worse; Specter was still blocking the Senate from a vote on the Employee Free Choice Act. Today Specter is hinting that he might support a compromise, and More…

Harry Reid on the Specter Party Swap

By | 04.28.09 | 1:15 pm

Here’s the statement just issued from the office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) in response to today’s news that Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter will switch over to the Democratic Party in an attempt to salvage his political career.

I have known Senator Specter for more than a quarter-century. 


Grover Norquist Sees Silver Lining in Specter Switch

By | 04.28.09 | 12:28 pm

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist tells me that Sen. Arlen Specter’s party switch is not a total disaster because “the most important issue before Congress is EFCA, and his restatement of his commitment to oppose it is very important. It’s the one silver lining in this decision.”

Indeed, More…

New Adventures in Spokes-hackery

By | 04.22.09 | 1:06 pm

I admire former Republican National Committee spokesman Alex Conant’s ability to push a meme, but this is sort of ridiculous.

With the 100-day anniversary just one week away, it’s notable that almost all of Obama’s accomplishments so far have been rhetorical, rather than policy-based.

Let’s see … there was More…

Another Dagger to ‘Card Check’

By | 04.20.09 | 4:37 pm

Less than two weeks after Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) became the first Senate Democrat to announce her opposition to the labor-friendly Employee Free Choice Act, Sen. Jim Webb (D-Va.) is threatening to withhold his support as well, Greg Sargent reported this afternoon.

“He doesn’t believe this is the appropriate


Lincoln Hearts Wal-Mart (Again)

By | 04.07.09 | 11:14 am

Just days after Sen. Blanche Lincoln made headlines for amending the Democrats’ budget plan to include a $10 million estate tax exemption, the moderate Arkansas Democrat is back in the news for becoming the first Senate Democrat to officially oppose the Employee Free Choice Act — the union-friendly card More…