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Colorado Rep. DeGette to EPA: Companies used 500,000 gallons more diesel fuel in fracking than first reported

By | 10.26.11 | 2:35 pm | More from The Colorado Independent

Colorado congresswoman Diana DeGette, the ranking member of the House Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, sent updated numbers to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson on Tuesday showing the use of diesel fuel in hydraulic fracturing fluid is more widespread than first discovered in an earlier investigation.

Social cons fear harassment in wake of west coast disclosure ruling

By | 10.26.11 | 1:26 pm | More from The Iowa Independent

Focus on the Family news outlet CitizenLink on Monday posted a dire summary of a recent court ruling that rejected an attempt to protect the identities of donors to the anti-gay marriage Proposition 8 campaign. The CitizenLink story echoes the fears of intimidation and harassment from “gay activists” and “the More…

Obama third-quarter disclosure includes many ‘bundlers,’ cloaked in anonymity

By | 10.17.11 | 5:39 pm

President Obama and the Democratic National Committee flexed their fundraising muscle in the third quarter by raising a combined $70 million, according the disclosure reports. But a large amount of money, coming through so-called bundlers, leaves the original sources shrouded in mystery.

Grand Rapids man gets six months for failing to disclose his HIV-positive status

By | 05.16.11 | 9:47 am | More from The Michigan Messenger

Cordlin Comer, a Grand Rapids area man who pleaded guilty earlier this year to failing to disclose his HIV positive status to a female sexual partner, faces less than a year in jail.

On Wednesday he was in Kent County Circuit Court for sentencing, reports the Grand More…

Will a last-ditch vote on the DISCLOSE Act make it onto the lame-duck calendar?

By | 11.05.10 | 3:02 pm

Momentum is building for Democrats to try one last time to pass a version of the DISCLOSE Act once Congress resumes, this time without the extraneous (and some say, onerous) prohibitions on campaign spending by federal contractors or companies with partial foreign-ownership. The New York Times and Politico More…

Can Campaign Finance Reformers Work With Ken Buck or Rand Paul?

By | 11.02.10 | 2:43 pm

Most Republican candidates who might nab Senate seats tonight don’t look like such good friends of the campaign finance reform community on the surface, but might a few end up lending a sympathetic ear to the cause once in Washington? At least on the topic of donor disclosure, The Washington More…

A Grand Bargain on Campaign Finance Reform?

By | 11.02.10 | 1:10 pm

The flood of political spending, coupled with the likely defeat of campaign finance hero Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.), is making the elections a pretty grim spectacle for campaign finance advocates, but The Wall Street Journal opinion page is feeling positively giddy:

As for the rest of us, we can


Why the Lame Duck Session Might Be Campaign Finance Advocates’ Last Hope

By | 10.28.10 | 5:50 pm

Most campaign finance reform advocates are calling for greater restrictions — or at least stricter disclosure requirements — on donations from outside groups in response to the flood of spending in the 2010 elections. Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.), one of the few Republicans this election cycle who’s facing a moderately strong More…

Citizens United and Campaign Finance Law, Summed Up in a Chart

By | 10.08.10 | 2:14 pm

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision represented a major change to campaign finance law. I’ve been tracking the story of how some corporations (both for- and non-profit) and PACs have been taking advantage of the new legal landscape, looking in particular at the spending of “Super PACs,” which can More…

Senate Leaders Exchange Barbs Over DISCLOSE Act

By | 09.22.10 | 12:21 pm

This morning’s Senate session was devoted to a debate surrounding the DISCLOSE Act, which Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has indicated will likely be put to a vote sometime tomorrow.

Reid and Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), the Democratic Whip, spent the majority of their time ripping the Supreme More…