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Physicians criticize Huckabee’s personhood-promoting ‘Gift of Life’

Partnering with Citizens United, former presidential contender and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is promoting “fetal personhood” by narrating Gift of Life, a film that promotes legislative action meant to overturn the landmark abortion rights act Roe v. Wade. The board chair of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health argues that


Medicare ads featuring Rep. Latham hit Des Moines airwaves

By | 11.08.11 | 5:57 pm | More from The Iowa Independent

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The battle over Medicare has hit the airways in Iowa, as a group dedicated to fighting cuts to the popular government program has begun buying TV ads in Des Moines.

Paul still leading TV ad buys in Iowa

By | 11.08.11 | 5:26 pm | More from The Iowa Independent

(Photo: Douglas Burns/Carroll Daily Times Herald)

Republican presidential candidate and U.S. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) continues to buy ads in the Des Moines network TV market, with spots scheduled to run through Nov. 13 at the local CBS affiliate.

New occupy banner appears over Des Moines roadway

By | 11.07.11 | 2:45 pm | More from The Iowa Independent


Another banner supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement appeared over Interstate 235 near downtown Des Moines on Monday morning, at least the third such “banner drops” seen in the last month over the major thoroughfare.

Priebus in Iowa: Election a ‘fight between freedom and government’s insatiable appetite to grow’

By | 10.24.11 | 1:05 pm | More from The Iowa Independent

Leaders of the Faith and Freedom Coalition and the chairman of the Republican National Committee used combative language to describe the GOP’s bid to defeat President Obama and put in place further restrictions on abortion and marriage during a social conservative event in Iowa over the weekend.

Occupy Des Moines protesters ask for jury trial

By | 10.19.11 | 6:03 pm | More from The Iowa Independent

Two dozen Occupy Des Moines protesters are seeking a jury trial for charges of trespassing at the State Capitol grounds on Oct. 10, their lawyer says, while five have pleaded guilty.

Occupy Des Moines gathers ahead of court date (video)

By | 10.19.11 | 5:54 pm | More from The Iowa Independent

About 100 supporters of the Occupy Des Moines movement gathered outside the Polk County Courthouse Wednesday morning in advance of an appearance before a judge for trespassing charges.

Rick Perry will appear at second Iowa Renewal Project faith, politics event

By | 10.18.11 | 2:25 pm | More from The Iowa Independent

Some members of Iowa’s faith community received an invitation in their mailbox this week from the Iowa Renewal Project, which is featuring Texas Gov. Rick Perry in an all-expenses-paid Pastors’ Policy Briefing in Des Moines next month.

Occupy Des Moines may lose its permit tonight

By | 10.14.11 | 3:09 pm | More from The Iowa Independent

A new round of confrontation between demonstrators in Des Moines and law enforcement may erupt Friday night when a temporary permit allowing for 24-hour occupation of grounds on the west side of the Iowa Capitol expires.

VIDEO: Occupy Des Moines sees testimony, confrontation

By | 10.11.11 | 10:15 am | More from The Iowa Independent

Using the “human microphone,” where those in the crowd repeat what’s being said by the speaker so that everyone can hear, individuals offered their reasons for wanting to be a part of Occupy Des Moines Monday night; and clashed briefly with Iowa State Troopers before backing up to chants of More…