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As supercommittee deadline nears, doubts and speculation about backdoor options rise

By | 11.14.11 | 1:41 pm

With just 10 days to go before the deadline for the “supercommittee” to make a deal, news outlets are reporting more reasons to worry that the talks will fall apart — and that Congress may try other maneuvers to address the deficit.

Women would be disproportionately affected by tax plans proposed by Cain, Perry, experts say

By | 11.07.11 | 12:47 pm

As campaign-finance filings come out from 2012 Republican presidential candidates, the records show women are not big-money donors for this year’s crop of hopefuls. Recent campaign-finance records evaluated by the Center for Responsive Politics reveal the median percentage of campaign cash over $200 from female donors to the GOP More…

Supercommittee members plan corporate fundraisers while deciding public sector cuts

By | 09.08.11 | 12:11 pm

Image by Matt MahurinAt least nine of the 12 U.S. House and Senate members of the budget-cutting supercommittee have scheduled corporate fundraisers this fall, reported The Washington Post, making it increasingly likely they will decide what cuts to make from government programs while taking donations from industry giants.

Huntsman backpedals slightly on the deficit, spending in ABC interview

By | 05.20.11 | 11:50 am

Potential Republican 2012 presidential candidate Jon Huntsman appeared in an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday to discuss his views on economic and budget issues, among other topics. Despite the former Utah governor’s insistence, his positions have changed on spending and the deficit since More…

Rep. Allen West: Liberal women ‘neutering American men,’ to blame for deficit

By | 04.26.11 | 12:13 pm

At an event in Boca Raton, Fla., last week for conservative Christian women’s group Women Impacting the Nation (WIN), tea party favorite Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) said that liberal women are “neutering American men” and implied that they are the cause of America’s dire financial straits.

WashPo on potential consequences of looming government shutdown

By | 04.06.11 | 6:00 pm | More from The Colorado Independent

It looks increasingly as though the Tea Party wing of the Congressional Republican caucus is winning the battle within the caucus on whether or not to avoid budget compromise with Democrats and shut down the government Friday. Republicans cheered the prospect of a shut down behind closed doors this More…

Poll reveals broad support for mixing tax increases with spending cuts to alleviate federal deficit

By | 03.23.11 | 4:08 pm

The Washington Post reports that its most recent joint poll with ABC News found that nearly two-thirds of respondents support a combination of raising taxes and cutting federal spending in order to tackle the deficit. Less than a third of those polled said that the government should cut spending alone More…

House votes to fund government for 3 more weeks without rider to defund Planned Parenthood

By | 03.15.11 | 5:23 pm

The House approved a three-week continuing resolution on Tuesday, according to Roll Call. The stopgap spending measure, which passed 271-158, will keep the government funded through April 8 and would cut $6 billion in spending from the federal budget by the end of this week, if the Senate approves it.

Despite the More…

Texas Republicans look to repeal state DREAM Act, base argument on questionable economics

By | 03.07.11 | 6:18 pm

Image by: Matt MahurinIn 2008, Oklahoma passed HB 1804 (RTF), a law attacking residence and employment of undocumented immigrants in the state. One provision specifically repealed an earlier Oklahoma law (RTF) granting in-state tuition at state colleges to undocumented aliens as long as they held a high school diploma or GED More…

Political fact-checking org points out federal budget falsehoods

By | 03.02.11 | 5:23 pm

PolitiFact, the nonpartisan fact-checking arm of the St. Petersburg Times, this week evaluated key talking points about the federal budget made by both Republicans and Democrats. Though Congress has passed a continuing resolution to fund the government through March 18, PolitiFact predicts a future budget showdown.

Politifact started with More…