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Koch brothers story has aired on more than 400 stations, reaching millions of people

By | 11.04.11 | 11:12 am | More from The Colorado Independent

A radio version of The Colorado Independent’s story Monday on the Koch brothers influence in environmental politics has now been aired on more than 400 radio stations in more than 30 states. The radio story was produced by Kathleen Ryan for Public News Service.

Ryan interviewed Colorado Independent reporter Troy More…

New ‘free market’ think tank sets its sights on 2012 legislative session

By | 11.02.11 | 3:22 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Just months after opening up shop, a Naples-based “free market” public policy group that has so far declined to disclose the source of its funding has already made inroads with state government, and is gearing up to influence Florida’s 2012 legislative session.

Detailing the Koch brothers’ influence on environmental politics

By | 10.31.11 | 11:16 am | More from The Colorado Independent

Koch Industries Inc. isn’t just in Kansas anymore, Toto.

The nation’s second largest private company and its subsidiaries are also in Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Texas and just about every other state in the nation. But the locale where Koch Industries is making its presence felt the More…

State lawmaker stands up for Koch owned Georgia-Pacific

By | 10.19.11 | 12:29 pm | More from The Florida Independent

During a Jacksonville city council meeting Monday, state Rep. Lake Ray, R-Jacksonville, spoke out against a resolution that would delay the construction of a four-mile waste pipeline from Georgia-Pacific’s Palatka mill to the St. Johns River. Ray, who also acts as the executive director of a business association that represents


Dems blast Colorado congressman for accepting Koch cash

By | 10.04.11 | 6:10 pm | More from The Colorado Independent

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee wasted little time linking at least one Colorado congressman to Monday’s damning Bloomberg Markets Magazine report on Koch Industries.

University chiefs likely to lead charge in reforming Fla. higher ed

By | 10.04.11 | 11:31 am | More from The Florida Independent

Though the specifics of what Florida higher education reforms might look like remains unclear, it is increasingly important to examine who might be inspiring them. While Gov. Rick Scott has said that he might take inspiration from Texas, others say that is only one piece of the puzzle.

In July, More…

Breitbart to speak at Americans for Prosperity breakfast Friday in Orlando

By | 09.21.11 | 2:52 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Tea party favorite Andrew Breitbart and ACORN whistleblower Anita MonCrief are scheduled to speak at a breakfast hosted by Americans for Prosperity’s Florida chapter this Friday in Orlando. Breibart will also be taking part in a panel discussion with several Florida officials during Presidency 5, organized by the Republican Party


Americans for Prosperity: Almost all Fla. GOP legislators get A’s, Dems get F’s

By | 09.08.11 | 12:22 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Florida’s chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the Koch brothers-funded right-wing political organization, just released their “2011 Legislative Scorecard,” giving nearly every GOP member of the state Legislature an A or A+ and nearly every Democrat an F.

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Leaked tape reveals Koch brothers’ conservative donors

By | 09.07.11 | 9:09 am

A list of billionaire industrialists and conservative magnates that help fund Charles and David Koch’s far-reaching empire was released by Mother Jones magazine Tuesday. The list was culled from an audio recording of Charles Koch announcing high-dollar donors at a retreat in Vail, Colo., in late June.

Wealthy Florida conservatives join Koch brothers’ million dollar donor club

By | 09.06.11 | 5:23 pm | More from The Florida Independent

According to audio recordings of a retreat hosted by the billionaire Koch brothers in Colorado this past June, wealthy donors with Florida ties gave more than $1 million each to the brothers’ cause.

Mother Jones filed a report today about More…