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Who Gets to Rebuild New Orleans?

By | 08.31.10 | 4:30 am

This week, The Washington Independent is featuring a series of investigative stories on the rebuilding of New Orleans, five years after Hurricane Katrina. Find all of them here.

Two weeks before the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans’ mayor, Mitch Landrieu (D), just three months into his tenure, More…

Whistleblowers Unveil More ArmorGroup Allegations

By | 09.10.09 | 2:08 pm

Former employees of ArmorGroup, the private security company that holds a State Department contract to protect the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, unveiled new allegations against the besieged contractor a week after photographic evidence emerged of its guards engaged in physical and sexual harassment. In a press conference revolving around an More…

Government Taps Bailout Contractors With Conflicts of Interest

By | 05.29.09 | 6:00 am

As the Wall Street bailout nears its first anniversary, the controversy over giving public money to private banks has become public knowledge. But an equally risky aspect of the financial rescue has flown largely under the radar: the government’s reliance on private contractors – many with potentially significant conflicts of More…

Obama Signs Federal Contractor Whistleblower Protection Law

By | 05.20.09 | 7:40 pm

In February, TWI’s Daphne Eviatar called attention to the weak protections in the federal economic stimulus bill for whistleblowers who expose contracting fraud. At the time, Daphne wrote:

[T]he stimulus bill fails to adequately protect employees of government contractors, who are in the best position to blow


Why People Don’t Trust Congress

By | 05.05.09 | 11:38 am

Because even if it happened innocently or accidentally or meritoriously, it still doesn’t look good when the nephew of Rep. John Murtha (D-Pa.), who chairs the House subcommittee that directs defense spending, shows up with a $4 million no-bid defense contract, as The Washington Post reported today.

[L]ast year,


Congress Caves on Online Contracts

By | 03.11.09 | 8:27 am

Internet junkies and wonks alike may have jumped the gun in looking forward to the new online transparency hyped by House members who vowed to put contracts doled out from the $800 billion stimulus package online.

That promise, included in the initial House bill, was hailed by watchdog groups, who More…

Defense Contractors Gird for Fight

By | 03.05.09 | 1:25 pm

With President Obama’s announcement Wednesday that he intends to attack wasteful Pentagon spending, one of the most powerful and entrenched interests in Washington — the multi-billion dollar defense lobby — is sure to retaliate. Obama aides insist that they’re prepared for the fight ahead. Defense reformers and lobbyists aren’t yet More…