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With Loss of COBRA Subsidy, Newly Unemployed Face Tripling of Insurance Costs

By | 08.24.10 | 4:45 am

In the first week of July, Andie Davis’ husband, who worked in manufacturing, lost his job, as hundreds of thousands of Michiganders have since the onset of the recession. Soon after, he started collecting unemployment insurance benefits that might last the family of four as long as 99 weeks. Davis More…

Casey Introduces Amendment to Jobs Bill to Reinstate COBRA Subsidies

By | 06.09.10 | 2:30 pm

This morning, Sen. Robert Casey (D-Pa.) introduced an amendment to reinstate subsidies that help newly unemployed workers purchase health insurance to the Senate jobs bill. The extended COBRA subsidy had been stripped from the House version of the bill by Blue Dog Democrats, and benefits started to expire More…

Unemployment Benefits to Expire June 2

By | 05.28.10 | 10:52 am

It’s pretty certain, at this point in the discussion, that Congress will leave Washington today for a week-long Memorial Day break without passing legislation to extend a number of tax breaks and emergency unemployment benefits.

Not only have House Democrats — who’d hoped to have their bill wrapped up and More…

Unemployment Extension Bill Coming Today

By | 05.20.10 | 10:33 am

So says the office of Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.), who heads the Senate Finance Committee.

The bill would extend the filing deadline for the existing tiers of emergency unemployment benefits — not to be confused with the creation of additional tiers — through the end of More…

Senate Likely to Leave Town Without Extending COBRA, Doc-Fix, Unemployment Benefits

By | 03.26.10 | 11:37 am

Behind Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.), the Republicans this morning have continued to block a $9.2 billion proposal to extend COBRA health benefits, delay a 21 percent cut in Medicare doctor payments, and extend the filing deadline for unemployment benefits (not to be confused with the creation of additional More…

Report: No Unemployment Benefits Extension in Senate Jobs Bill

By | 01.26.10 | 12:09 pm

Senate Democrats are piecing together another stimulus bill designed to tackle the ongoing unemployment crisis, but if the reports coming out of Capitol Hill today are any indication, the package is likely to be much smaller than the jobs bill passed by the House last month. Indeed, The Washington Post More…

No More Safety Nets!

By | 12.16.09 | 11:20 am

The office of Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) has sent around a document preemptively attacking a new stimulus bill. This objection is perfectly in line with Republican thinking, but I’m still surprised to see it:

The bill includes $79 Billion for safety net programs (more than is actually supposedly dedicated to


A $300 Billion Jobs Bill?

By | 12.03.09 | 10:57 am

So reports The Hill, which added up the various proposals under serious consideration as Democrats aim to stem rising unemployment rates (again). Central to the package, The Hill said, will be another extension of unemployment benefits and COBRA insurance subsidies ($100 billion); emergency funds for struggling More…

Jobless Benefits Extension Stiffs High Unemployment States

By | 11.09.09 | 8:04 pm

To hear the Democrats tell the tale, the extension of jobless benefits enacted over the weekend will provide those living in high-unemployment states with an additional 20 weeks of insurance.

Well, not quite.

Because the bill was held up More…

What Health Care Debate?

By | 10.08.09 | 1:31 pm

Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne today joins the ranks of those predicting that, a year from now, the health care debate will be a distant memory, lost in the raging political scuffle over who’s to blame for rampant unemployment.

While official Washington and much of the media focus