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The Washington Post Rewrites the History of Afghanistan Policy

By | 09.03.09 | 12:43 pm

Oh, Washington Post editorial board. When Steve Coll left the paper, did he take all his voluminous historical memory about U.S. policy to Afghanistan between the Soviet invasion and 9/11 with him? Because in your editorial today about Afghanistan, arguing against restricting the mission, you write:

But the


DOJ Abortion Violence Suits Cratered Under Bush

By | 06.12.09 | 6:00 am

The fatal shooting allegedly by a known white supremacist at the Holocaust Memorial Museum Wednesday in Washington is the second murder apparently motivated by a hateful ideology that’s come to national attention in the last two weeks. James W. von Brunn, the 88-year-old suspect and More…

A Window Into Obama’s Foreign Policy

By | 11.14.08 | 6:00 am

In April 2007, as the United States was enmeshed in two wars, a Brookings Institution scholar and Clinton-era State Dept. official testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in favor of taking military action as a last resort to stop the genocide in Darfur.

“A collective shame” was what Susan More…

Economy Bad Even for Bush Administration Officials

By | 11.03.08 | 3:20 pm

With fewer than three months to go in George W. Bush’s presidency, it’s time for top administration officials to line up high-powered jobs at Fortune 500 companies or Washington think tanks. But as the Wall Street Journal reported this weekend, that’s not happening.

Partly due to the bad economy More…