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Little Green Footballs’ Charles Johnson Breaks With the Right

By | 12.01.09 | 11:19 am

Way back in April, I talked to Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs about his very public arguments with fellow “warbloggers” whom, he believed, had gone off the rails. Johnson told me that he’d never considered himself a “conservative.” But last night he put up a scorching post More…

A Blast from Charles Johnson’s Past

By | 04.27.09 | 8:50 am

My story about Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs turning on the more extreme members of the right-wing anti-terrorism blogosphere is prompting commentary from other “warbloggers” who have worried about their fringes and done occasional “purges” from their movements. Joshua Trevino comments that “lost in the shrill din of More…

I Believe in Father Christmas

By | 04.22.09 | 10:11 am

Here’s a quick appendix to yesterday’s story about the civil war in the right-wing anti-terrorism blogosphere. I quoted Robert Spencer of JihadWatch as saying:

I wrote a book called ‘Religion of Peace’ — which [Little Green Footballs' Charles] Johnson wrote a favorable review of — and I


Civil War Raging in Right-Wing Blogosphere

By | 04.21.09 | 12:48 pm

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, jazz musician and Web designer Charles Johnson has devoted his blog, Little Green Footballs, to exposing Muslim extremism in and outside the United States. His targets have included the Council on American-Islamic Relations, filmmaker Michael Moore, Reuters, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), More…

Little Green Footballs to Rightbloggers: Chill!

By | 04.14.09 | 1:17 pm

Charles Johnson of the war-on-terror-watching blog Little Green Footballs tells critics of President Obama to cool it over the resolution of the pirate hostage crisis.

President Barack Obama is the Commander in Chief of the US armed forces. I certainly don’t agree with a lot of his policies, but