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Republican chairman has ‘confidence’ in Vern Buchanan, despite ethics investigations

Rep. Pete Sessions, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, says he has “confidence” in Committee Finance Chairman Vern Buchanan, despite a U.S. Department of Justice criminal investigation and an Office of Congressional Ethics investigation into the Sarasota congressman over an alleged campaign finance scheme to reimburse employees who contributed to his campaign.


Bipartisan Free Market Sugar Act would water down sugar subsidies, price controls

By | 11.15.11 | 10:51 am | More from The Florida Independent

A bill recently introduced by congressmen from Pennsylvania and Illinois could have a far-reaching impact on the U.S. sugar industry, much of which is based in South Florida.

Though support for the U.S. sugar industry runs high among legislators, partly due to the fact that Big Sugar continuously More…

VIDEO: Joe Arpaio heckled at a Tea Party event

By | 11.14.11 | 1:45 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona — known for his controversial immigration enforcement measures and his birther conspiracy theories — was heckled Saturday as he spoke at “Choose Liberty,” an event organized by the Eastern Orlando Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity.

Pembroke Pines, Fla. mayor is ‘mostly false’ on detention center, says PolitiFact

By | 11.11.11 | 3:23 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Pembroke Pines Mayor Frank Ortis said at a recent community forum that his city does not have a vote in the decision to build a proposed immigration detention center in his area, but PolitiFact Florida rates his claim “mostly false.”

Miami-Dade anti-wage theft ordinance is working, study shows

By | 11.11.11 | 1:08 pm | More from The Florida Independent

People Engaged in Active Community Efforts (aka PEACE) released a study Thursday that finds that Miami-Dade County’s anti-wage theft ordinance is “much more effective” at dealing with wage theft claims than the process in Palm Beach County, where no such ordinance exists. The Miami-Dade measure is under attack in the


GOP resolution to repeal net neutrality voted down in the Senate

By | 11.10.11 | 4:29 pm | More from The Florida Independent


The resolution to disapprove the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules was defeated in the U.S. Senate today.

Religious coalition in Palm Beach calls for countywide anti-wage theft ordinance

By | 11.08.11 | 3:54 pm | More from The Florida Independent

People Engaged in Active Community Efforts — aka PEACE, a coalition of  27 religious congregations from Palm Beach County — told 450 of its members Monday night that it is urgent to continue their campaign to create a countywide anti-wage theft ordinance.

Florida GOP state senator files bill prohibiting anti-wage theft local ordinances

By | 11.08.11 | 1:56 pm | More from The Florida Independent

State Sen. David Simmons, R-Altamonte Springs, today filed a bill to prohibit Florida municipalities from “adopting or maintaining” local ordinances that crack down on wage theft, the practice of stiffing workers out of money they are owed.

AIDS drug waiting list shortens, but experts say numbers will rise again

By | 11.07.11 | 2:40 pm | More from The Florida Independent

The number of people on Florida’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program waiting list continues to drop, but with more than 3,200 people, the list remains the longest in the U.S.

Florida residents buck proposed immigration detention center

By | 11.07.11 | 12:23 pm | More from The Florida Independent

About 250 southwest Broward residents attended a Saturday meeting in the city of Pembroke Pines to tell local and federal officials, as well as prison industry executives, that they don’t want an immigration detention center built in their area.