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Heroic Media using Google to divert abortion-seekers, violating the search engine’s policy

By | 09.29.11 | 9:00 am

Image by: Matt MahurinAnti-abortion-rights media group Heroic Media recently launched a new online strategy that violates Google policy.

The Texas-based organization — best known for erecting controversial billboards with phrases such as, “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb” – re-designed its website in late July, launching More…

Right to Life New Mexico distances itself from anti-abortion billboard

By | 05.17.11 | 2:06 pm | More from The New Mexico Independent

Right to Life New Mexico is distancing itself from a controversial anti-abortion billboard that appeared in Alamogordo over the weekend. RTLNM is looking to have its name removed from the advertisement.

The billboard shows a man looking down at an outline of a baby and says, “This Would Have More…

Church leader wants all states to adopt nondiscriminatory adoption rules

By | 04.21.11 | 9:00 am

For most anti-abortion rights groups, there should only be one legal alternative to an unwanted pregnancy: putting the baby up for adoption. In the latest abortion wars, Planned Parenthood has been excoriated for providing more abortions than adoption referrals — 324,008 abortions vs. 81,492 adoption referrals in 2008, according to the More…

NARAL begins campaign to take down anti-abortion rights billboards targeting African-Americans

By | 03.21.11 | 4:31 pm

Image by: Matt MahurinThey started popping up in Houston. But when a billboard appeared in Austin, featuring a smiling African-American child and the words “The most dangerous place for some children is in the womb,” the Texas branch of pro-abortion-rights group NARAL, decided to act in countering Heroic Media and its anti-abortion rights More…

Western Pa. Oil Company Offers Direct Support for Pat Toomey, Other GOPers

By | 10.15.10 | 9:55 am

Finally, a company with the temerity to go out and make a direct corporate expenditure on behalf of a candidate, or three. The Penneco Oil Company, an oil and gas exploration company in Western Pennsylvania, has bypassed the shell game of giving to PACs and 501(c) organizations and More…