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As drought rolls on, cities around Fort Worth limit water use for fracking

By | 08.30.11 | 12:05 pm

In the urban areas at the heart of the Barnett Shale natural gas boom, cities coping with the second-worst drought in state history are trying out new ways to limit water sales to the industry, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Monday.

Fort Worth is encouraging drillers to draw water from More…

San Diego California News - July 14, 2010

Immigration agency confirms fingerprint-sharing program is mandatory

By | 11.10.10 | 12:00 am

Immigration and Customs Enforcement official David Venturella started off a meeting with San Francisco law enforcement leaders on Tuesday with an apology. ICE, he admitted, had given conflicting information about Secure Communities, a program that shares fingerprints taken for criminal background checks with federal immigration enforcement, and whether counties like More…

San Francisco won’t opt out of Secure Communities

By | 11.09.10 | 5:15 pm

San Francisco won’t be opting out of Secure Communities, officials said today after a meeting with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The county leadership voted to be removed from the immigration enforcement program earlier this year and was given steps for removal — beginning with a meeting like the More…

Advocacy groups vow not to back down on Secure Communities in Arlington

By | 11.08.10 | 12:59 pm

I reported earlier that Arlington, Va., is giving up on its efforts to opt out of Secure Communities, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement program that allows ICE to check immigration status using fingerprints collected for criminal background checks. After meeting with ICE officials on Friday, Arlington’s county manager More…

Arlington, Va., drops effort to opt out of immigration enforcement program

By | 11.08.10 | 9:18 am

After meeting with immigration enforcement officials, the county of Arlington, Va., is giving up on its push to remove itself from Secure Communities, a program that shares fingerprints collected for criminal background checks with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Arlington was one of three counties where officials said they More…

Communities begin to meet with immigration officials to discuss enforcement program opt-out

By | 11.05.10 | 10:17 am

Today will be the first in a series of meetings between Immigration and Customs Enforcement and officials in communities that want to opt out of the Secure Communities enforcement program. Officials from Arlington, Va., will meet with ICE and representatives from the state of Virginia today to figure out the More…

Immigrant Rights Groups Demand Opt-Out Info

By | 10.28.10 | 6:27 pm

The process of opting out of the immigration enforcement program Secure Communities has been shrouded in secrecy and contradictory statements — most recently due to revelations that an opt-out process does not exist at all. In hopes of clarifying whether the program is mandatory, a coalition of immigrant More…

Document on Opting Out of Immigration Enforcement Program Mysteriously Disappears

By | 10.20.10 | 4:10 pm

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokeswoman said not to read too much into it, but the August document listing steps for communities to opt out of the Secure Communities program seems to have disappeared from the ICE website. The document was one of several written records More…

Santa Clara Plans to Push Back on Immigration Enforcement Program

By | 10.20.10 | 2:29 pm

After Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials shot down the idea of communities opting out of an ICE program, law enforcement leaders in Santa Clara, Calif., are looking at other ways to avoid stepping up their involvement in immigration enforcement. The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors voted Sept. More…

ICE Chief Confirms Secure Communities Participation Is Mandatory

By | 10.11.10 | 8:52 am

More bad news for cities that want to opt out of Secure Communities: Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chief John Morton confirmed to the Associated Press Friday that participation in the program, which shares fingerprints taken by police with federal immigration enforcement, is not voluntary.

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