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Koch Brothers Spend Big to Derail Greenhouse Gas Law in California

By | 09.09.10 | 12:15 pm

Are the Koch brothers thoughtful billionaires committed to the free expression of their libertarian beliefs, or do they pick their political causes with an eye trained closely to the enrichment of their carbon-heavy industries? The answer, of course, is a little bit of both, but Dan Morain of the Sacramento More…

Liberal Outside Groups are Spending Lots, Also

By | 08.31.10 | 4:19 pm

A lot of the focus on campaign spending during this electoral cycle has centered on outside conservative groups, partly because they are new and partly because they’ve announced they’ll raise and spend so much. Democratic-leaning independent groups, however, once dominated the game of using the tax code in novel ways More…

Conservative Groups Plan to Spend Close to $400 Million by November

By | 08.31.10 | 11:30 am

From Friday, but still worth noting, is a rather comprehensive list compiled by the Think Progress blog of all the monetary pledges conservative groups have made for spending in the upcoming November election:

The Democrats’ Complaint Against AFP, Decoded

By | 08.30.10 | 11:44 am

Following up on the complaint lodged with the IRS by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee against the Americans for Prosperity Foundation — leaked to the New York Times on Friday — Loyola tax law professor Ellen Aprill weighs in.

Slideshow: Glenn Beck Rally, MLK March and AFP Conference

By | 08.29.10 | 2:41 pm

Washington experienced an influx of Tea Partiers this past weekend. Not only did Glenn Beck host his Restoring Honor rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, Americans for Prosperity also held a conference on Friday. But not all activity was on the conservative side. Rev. Al Sharpton organized More…

Glen Beck speaking on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

As Tea Partiers Descend on Washington, Ideological Divides Apparent Between Grassroots and Organizers

By | 08.29.10 | 2:30 pm

When Glenn Beck scheduled a mass rally for Aug. 28 in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, many were skeptical of his claim that the proceedings would be fully nonpolitical, especially with former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin scheduled to speak. To the surprise of his liberal critics, More…

At Americans for Prosperity Conference, Pushback Against New Yorker Article

By | 08.27.10 | 3:40 pm

At Friday’s Defending the American Dream summit hosted by Americans for Prosperity (AFP) in Washington, D.C., not only is David Koch not the proverbial elephant in the room, but organizers are hitting back against Jane Mayer’s recent New Yorker profile of the Koch family.

Democrats Question AFP’s Tax Exempt Status

By | 08.27.10 | 3:32 pm

Americans for Prosperity might be busy enjoying its conference in DC this weekend, but the group might soon be defending its tax exempt status before the IRS. The New York Times reports:

In a complaint filed this week with the Internal Revenue


Keeping Tabs on the Americans for Prosperity Summit

By | 08.27.10 | 2:20 pm

Americans for Prosperity (AFP), a prime arm of the now popularized “Kochtopus,” is hosting its Defending the American Dream summit today in DC. I’m not in attendance, but Dave Weigel is there, live blogging, and he’s doing a great job capturing the feel of the convention:

So are


Tea Parties Shift Focus to Get Out The Vote

By | 08.26.10 | 10:37 am

The New York Times has written a good profile of the group FreedomWorks, the most successful organizing force in building the Tea Party movement. Like Americans For Prosperity, FreedomWorks is backed by the Koch brothers, who may be bringing more influence to bear on the 2010 election than More…