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Rabid AIG Employees Make Good Case for Keeping Cash Under Your Mattress

By | 03.04.10 | 1:59 pm

Some good reading today in The Washington Post, which got its hands on transcripts depicting reactions from some AIG employees when their bonuses were threatened last year.

Behind closed doors, employees at AIG’s Financial Products division — the very unit whose trading had hastened the insurance giant’s collapse


How Goldman Bet Against Mortgages and Got Government to Foot the Bill

By | 02.08.10 | 3:36 pm

Gretchen Morgenson and Louise Story’s New York Times piece yesterday was a thorough explanation of Goldman Sachs’ machinations that contributed to the collapse of AIG and the government’s perceived need to jump in and pay for everything without negotiating prices.

But unless you’re well-versed in the modern minutiae More…

What Geithner Knew

By | 05.13.09 | 12:11 pm

Anyone who watched AIG bonus-gate with any interest is aware that it was Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) who took the fall for changing legislation that would have reined in those controversial payments. Anyone following a bit more closely, though, knows also that Dodd made those changes only after White House More…

AIG ‘Retention Pay’ Rises to $619 Million

By | 01.16.09 | 5:26 pm

You’d think that a corporation that’s got a $150 billion taxpayer-funded lifeline keeping it afloat would take steps to rein in extra pay to executives. But in the case of American International Group, you’d be wrong.

AIG is slated to dole out $619 million in “retention pay” to keep More…