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New report: Teachers are behind private sector peers on cognitive measures, overpaid

By | 11.02.11 | 9:17 am

A new report published by two conservative think tanks argues the cognitive ability of teachers is on average lower than private sector workers with similar education backgrounds.

Report counters narrative that Ohio public employees make more than private-sector workers

By | 10.12.11 | 3:01 pm

In the battle over Senate Bill 5, proponents have pointed to various studies that claim to show a large disparity in pay between public sector workers and their private sector counterparts. One such study — a report (PDF) released in September by the Ohio Business Roundtable claiming that More…

More Civilians Heading to Afghanistan, But to Support Which Ministries?

By | 12.07.09 | 10:39 am

Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy wasn’t the only Obama administration official who addressed the American Enterprise Institute this morning. She was joined by Paul Jones, Special Envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke’s deputy at the State Department, and Brig. Gen. John Nicholson, the head of the More…

Flournoy at AEI: al-Qaeda Has ‘Got To Be Very Worried’

By | 12.07.09 | 9:53 am

As announced last week, Michele Flournoy, the Pentagon’s policy chief, explained and defended the Obama administration’s Afghanistan strategy this morning at epicenter of neoconservatism in semi-exile, the American Enterprise Institute. Many of the scholars around AEI have overcome their antipathy toward President Obama to applaud the strategy, even if More…

Think Tankery: Flournoy Is Not Playing Favorites

By | 12.02.09 | 6:29 pm

I wrote in my earlier post about Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy’s forthcoming Afghanistan speech at the American Enterprise Institute that I was going to try hard not to read anything into her speech to the neoconservative hothouse. And I did try. But apparently not hard enough. More…

Sunstein May Hire Controversial Conservative Economist

By | 12.02.09 | 4:26 pm

Rena Steinzor, a law professor at the University of Maryland and president of the Center for Progressive Reform, reports that Cass Sunstein, President Obama’s “regulatory czar,” may be hiring Randall Lutter, a conservative economist who spent time at the American Enterprise Institute conducting economic analyses of regulations, to More…

Pentagon Official Will Give Big Afghanistan Speech to Neocon Think Tank

By | 12.02.09 | 9:06 am

Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy, one of the Obama administration’s most influential officials shaping Afghanistan-Pakistan policy, will give a talk on Monday at the American Enterprise Institute elaborating on President Obama’s speech and adjusted strategy. It’s hard not to read too much into this, but I’ll try More…

AEI Fellow: Mature Think Tanks Criticize Their Friends

By | 10.20.09 | 11:30 am

In the course of a puffy Politico profile of Nate Fick, the CEO of the  Center for a New American Security, a Washington think tank with close ties to the White House, comes the snipe from the American Enterprise Institute:

“Think tanks develop into a more mature institution


Obama May Seek Authority Outlined by Mukasey

By | 07.21.09 | 4:14 pm

It’s been exactly one year since then-Attorney General Michael Mukasey proposed in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute that Congress pass legislation declaring a new, expanded war with al-Qaeda and the Taliban — thereby granting the president the authority to detain indefinitely members of those groups anywhere in More…

The Text of Dick Cheney’s Speech at AEI

By | 05.21.09 | 10:45 am

William Kristol (whose magazine is housed in the AEI offices) has it. I’m curious to see how this line plays in the hall:

I am certain that no one wishes the current administration more success in defending the country than we do.

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