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News anchor, anti-abortion activist to be the ‘face’ of Minnesota anti-gay marriage amendment

By | 01.09.12 | 7:00 am

Kalley King Yanta, a former anchor for a Minneapolis-based television station and an anti-abortion-rights activist, has joined the Minnesota for Marriage group to anchor videos intended to convince Minnesotans to vote for the anti-gay-marriage amendment on the ballot in 2012. The videos — and Yanta — have come under More…

Media analysis: Grand Rapids HIV criminal case spurs ‘sensationalist’ reporting

By | 01.09.12 | 6:00 am

An alleged admission by a 51-year-old Comstock Park, Mich., man that he attempted to infect hundreds of people with HIV through unprotected sexual activity and needle-sharing has sparked a media feeding frenzy, which HIV activists and legal experts have roundly censured as “sensationalist.”

(VIDEO) Muslim Republican on ‘Daily Show’ calls accusations of terrorist ties ridiculous

Nezar Hamze, a registered Republican and the executive director of the South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, told The Florida Independent that accusations tying his organization to Muslim terrorists are ridiculous.

More than 200,000 sign anti-Lowe’s petition in protest of ‘All-American Muslim’ ad pull

Petitions containing more than 200,000 signatures were delivered to Lowe’s corporate headquarters Tuesday, protesting the company’s recent decision to pull its ads from the TLC reality series All-American Muslim.

Lowe’s protest over Muslim show ad-withdrawal draws more than 100, including Michigan rep.

A Saturday demonstration outside of a Lowe’s home improvement store in a Detroit suburb brought out more than 150 local residents and religious leaders and even one state representative — all of whom were protesting the chain’s decision to pull its ads from the TLC reality show All-American


Physicians criticize Huckabee’s personhood-promoting ‘Gift of Life’

Partnering with Citizens United, former presidential contender and Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is promoting “fetal personhood” by narrating Gift of Life, a film that promotes legislative action meant to overturn the landmark abortion rights act Roe v. Wade. The board chair of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health argues that


Hitchens’ death leaves craven people in power to sigh with relief

Christopher Hitchens died yesterday of cancer. He was a learned and caustic cultural critic who wrote for the popular press and who was at his best when eviscerating the hypocrisy and pretense of people in power. He famously hated organized religion. It’s easy to imagine that, had Hitchens ever trained More…

Detroit faith leaders to protest Lowe’s for pulling ad from ‘All-American Muslim’

In response to the company’s recent decision to pull ads from the TLC reality series All-American Muslim, Detroit-area faith leaders will hold a demonstration outside a Michigan branch of home improvement chain Lowe’s on Saturday.

Florida lawmaker inadvertently caught up in Florida Family Association hacking

By | 12.14.11 | 1:12 pm | More from The Florida Independent

Florida Rep. Daphne Campbell, D-Miami Shores, has been inadvertently caught up in the ongoing controversy over the decision by home improvement giant Lowe’s to pull advertising from the TLC show All-American Muslim, a decision made due to pressure from the Tampa-based Florida Family Association.

PFAW calls for Lowe’s boycott over ‘All-American Muslim’ ad pull

By | 12.13.11 | 11:56 am | More from The Florida Independent

Responding to the news that home improvement giant Lowe’s pulled its advertising from the TLC reality series All-American Muslim, People for the American Way today called on Americans to “boycott hate” and stop shopping at Lowe’s. The group is also speaking out against the Florida Family Association, the