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News anchor, anti-abortion activist to be the ‘face’ of Minnesota anti-gay marriage amendment

By | 01.09.12 | 7:00 am

Kalley King Yanta, a former anchor for a Minneapolis-based television station and an anti-abortion-rights activist, has joined the Minnesota for Marriage group to anchor videos intended to convince Minnesotans to vote for the anti-gay-marriage amendment on the ballot in 2012. The videos — and Yanta — have come under More…

(VIDEO) American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer comes out as AIDS denialist

By | 01.06.12 | 9:05 am

Adding to an ongoing list of controversial statements, American Family Association President Bryan Fischer is now claiming that HIV is not the cause of AIDS or the AIDS epidemic.

Archbishop orders Minnesota priests to support or stay silent on anti-gay-marriage amendment

By | 01.05.12 | 1:57 pm

“There ought not be open dissension on this issue,” is the message the Catholic hierarchy is telling priests in Minnesota — “this issue” being same-sex marriage.

Vander Plaats endorses Santorum for Iowa Caucuses

By | 12.20.11 | 3:05 pm

Bob Vander Plaats, head of Iowa’s Family Research Council affiliate the Family Leader, an organization opposed to rights for LGBT Iowans, endorsed Rick Santorum for the Iowa Caucuses on Tuesday. The Family Leader had previously declined to endorse any candidate in the GOP Caucuses, but Vander Plaats decided to More…

Florida Family Research Council affiliate asks for help funding ‘aggressive’ 2012 plan

The leader of a politically influential Florida group that frequently advocates against LGBT and abortion rights has issued a new fundraising pitch to help gin up support for the work of its “Ignite an Enduring Cultural Transformation” campaign during the Sunshine State’s upcoming legislative session.

Hitchens’ death leaves craven people in power to sigh with relief

Christopher Hitchens died yesterday of cancer. He was a learned and caustic cultural critic who wrote for the popular press and who was at his best when eviscerating the hypocrisy and pretense of people in power. He famously hated organized religion. It’s easy to imagine that, had Hitchens ever trained More…

Gingrich, like Romney, promises to exclude gay couples from marriage if president

By | 12.16.11 | 11:43 am

Though it was presidential candidate Mitt Romney who hardened his stance opposing same-sex marriage during Thursday night’s GOP presidential debate in Sioux City, Iowa, it was his strongest rival, Newt Gingrich, who demonstrated his commitment to excluding same-sex couples from marriage by signing the National Organization More…

Majority of Colorado voters favor civil unions for same-sex couples

By | 12.12.11 | 11:16 am | More from The Colorado Independent

According to a poll released last week by Public Policy Polling, Colorado voters narrowly favor making same-sex marriage legal and favor legalizing civil unions by a more than 3-1 margin.

National Organization for Marriage’s 2010 financial records raise questions

By | 12.12.11 | 6:00 am

In 2010, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), a tax-exempt nonprofit trying to thwart the legalization of same-sex marriage throughout the U.S., reported the highest individual donations it has received since its inception in 2007, according to NOM’s most recent income disclosures to the Internal Revenue Service, recently obtained More…

Perry’s Colorado campaign chair called to denounce anti-gay ad

By | 12.09.11 | 1:45 pm | More from The Colorado Independent

For Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo., signing on as GOP presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry’s Colorado campaign chairman probably seemed like a smart move back when Perry went from announcing he was running to being the front-runner in a matter of hours. Today, maybe not so much.