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Right-wing think tank leaks salaries of Florida public employees via new website

The Foundation for Government Accountability debuted a new website Monday — an online database of the salaries of Florida’s public employees:

Focus on the Family uses arguments from ‘torture memos’ author to blast Obama recess appointments

By | 01.06.12 | 7:01 pm | More from The Colorado Independent

CitizenLink, the Focus on the Family Christian news site based in Colorado Springs, Colo., weighed in Thursday on the latest political controversy winging out of Washington, D.C. The site reported that, in using “recess appointments” to fill three seats on the National Labor Relations Board and to place Richard Cordray More…

Romney’s education agenda based on standardized tests, school choice

Mitt Romney, the GOP presidential candidate who edged out an eight-vote victory over Rick Santorum in the Iowa caucuses, has a long track record on education that includes standardized testing and accountability, charter schools and school vouchers.

Industry groups call on Congress to defund EPA water rules

A number of industry groups, including the American Farm Bureau Federation and the Fertilizer Institute, are calling on Congress to include a provision that would defund a set of Florida-specific water quality standards in the 2012 appropriations bill.

Payroll tax bill includes funds for more immigration detention beds

The congressional showdown over payroll tax cuts and unemployment benefits continues after the GOP-led House voted Tuesday against a Senate bill approved over the weekend.

Environmental groups dub inclusion of Keystone XL in payroll tax bill ‘most cynical anti-enviro stunt’

Colorado and national environmental groups today were sharply critical of congressional plans to accelerate a White House decision on the controversial Keystone XL pipeline as part of a deal to extend payroll tax relief and unemployment benefits.

Omnibus bill commits $4 million to combat white-nose syndrome

Congress allotted $4 million on Friday to study and combat the outbreak of white-nose syndrome — a mysterious and menacing disease that is killing off North American bats by the millions.

Incandescent lightbulbs win congressional reprieve at 11th hour

Congress didn’t just agree to keep the government’s lights on through the rest of the fiscal year. It is also ensuring it has the option of doing so with high-energy-consuming incandescent 100-watt lightbulbs.

Ohio GOP pushes through heavily Republican redistricted map

By | 12.15.11 | 2:21 pm

Amid requests for corruption investigations and allegations of Republican fraud, Ohio Democrats decided to cave to the GOP earlier than expected in a vote Wednesday night, accepting a heavily Republican congressional reapportionment map, in part to avoid an expensive two-date primary in March. The second primary would have cost taxpayers More…

Approved GOP House bill extends payroll tax cuts, reduces unemployment compensation

By | 12.14.11 | 9:58 am | More from The Florida Independent

The GOP-sponsored “Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act,” which extends payroll tax cuts and extends but reduces unemployment benefits through 2012, passed in the U.S. House Tuesday night, but it will not pass in the Senate.