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By | 04.02.10 | 6:01 pm

When I returned from Atlanta to D.C. in November 2008, having wrapped up coverage of the Libertarian Party’s presidential campaign for Reason magazine, Spencer Ackerman came to me with an idea: Why not work for The Washington Independent? Reason and I were parting ways, and no one else in the More…

The RNC, Ending the Week as It Began It

By | 04.02.10 | 5:53 pm

Lindsay Beyerstein, operating on the principle that an expense-approval system slapdash enough to miss an expense for Voyeur West Hollywood, finds extremely strange expense reports filed by RNC staffers under the heading of “meals” and “office supplies. I asked for a comment from the RNC early in the day More…

Rudy Giuliani Will Have His Revenge on Tallahassee

By | 04.02.10 | 4:26 pm

Rudy Giuliani’s endorsement of Marco Rubio is one of the most obvious — and delightful — cases of political revenge in a long while.

Dede Scozzafava is Writing a Book

By | 04.02.10 | 2:59 pm

The defeated candidate in NY-23, who helped swing a safe Republican seat over to Rep. Bill Owens (D-N.Y.), is adding to the underserved genre of “books by interesting candidates who lost” — see “The Unmaking of a Mayor” by William F. Buckley and “Primary Mistake” by Steve Laffey.



GOP Rep: We Can De-Fund Health Care Reform Instead of Repealing It

By | 04.02.10 | 1:37 pm

Add Rep. Tom Petri (R-Wis.) to the roster of Republicans hedging a bit on whether the party can repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Petri said Republicans don’t have to repeal the health care plan. They could effectively quash it by refusing to fund the initiatives as


A Tea Party Candidate on the Government Dole

By | 04.02.10 | 11:57 am

Amy Gardner’s profile of Stephen Fincher, a first-time congressional candidate in Tennessee who’s easily won conservative support with an irresistible bio (say it quick — “a gospel-singing farmer from Frog Jump, Tennessee”), reveals that he got almost $2.5 million in farm subsidies from 1995 and 2006. Fincher explains:



‘Guardians of the Free Republics’ Threaten Governors

By | 04.02.10 | 10:35 am

Stories like these, whenever they surface, are bad news for mainstream conservatives trying to use this energy in a less insane manner.

A group that calls itself the Guardians of the free Republics wants to “restore America” by peacefully dismantling parts of the government, according to its Web site.


Lou Barletta, the College Course

By | 04.02.10 | 9:26 am

Kevin DeAnna writes about the new Temple University course on Mayor Lou Barletta’s tenure in Hazelton — a class called, evocatively, “War in Hazelton.”

Week two begins with chronicles of “nativist violence” that characterizes much of American history, as well as the inevitable contention that arguments for restricting immigration


For Conservative Donors, Latest RNC Scandal Is the ‘Nail in the Coffin’

By | 04.02.10 | 6:00 am

The “suggested amount” portion of the donation form is crossed out. There isn’t a box to check for no donation, so the would-be donor has simply drawn and filled in a new bubble and scrawled “NO.”

“What the hell happened in NY District 23?” writes More…

Tea Parties: A Study by the Winston Group

By | 04.01.10 | 4:06 pm

The polling firm releases a lengthy look at the movement; read it after the jump.