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Arkansas AG stops anti-abortion group from introducing ‘personhood’ bill

Arkansas Attorney General Dustin McDaniel has blocked the state’s Personhood affiliate from introducing a bill that would define life from the moment of conception, on the grounds that it is “too vague” as written. Though “fetal personhood” measures across the country have been criticized for that very reason, Personhood Arkansas


Police arrest arson suspect in Florida abortion clinic fire

Police announced on Thursday that they have made an arrest following a fire at a Pensacola area abortion clinic early Sunday morning.

Personhood Arkansas says amendment language addresses concerns voters have on birth control, medical treatments

Arkansas is among several states to face “fetal personhood” amendments in 2012. Personhood Arkansas, an affiliate of Personhood USA, recently submitted amendment language to the state that would define life as beginning at the moment of conception.

Abortion foes to try to pass ‘personhood’ bill through Mississippi Legislature after failure in ballot box

Though voters soundly rejected a state “fetal personhood” measure that appeared on Mississippi’s November 2011 ballot, reps for Personhood USA say they still have hope — in the state’s legislature.

Bachmann bows out of 2012 presidential race

On the heels of her poor showing in the Iowa caucuses, Michele Bachmann has announced that she is ending her campaign to become the Republican nominee for president.

Romney edges Santorum in Iowa

Would-be Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney edged his opponent Rick Santorum by a hair during the Iowa caucuses — defeating him by only eight votes. The Republican Party has deemed it the closest-ever margin of victory in a Republican presidential contest.

Industry groups call on Congress to defund EPA water rules

A number of industry groups, including the American Farm Bureau Federation and the Fertilizer Institute, are calling on Congress to include a provision that would defund a set of Florida-specific water quality standards in the 2012 appropriations bill.

More than 200,000 sign anti-Lowe’s petition in protest of ‘All-American Muslim’ ad pull

Petitions containing more than 200,000 signatures were delivered to Lowe’s corporate headquarters Tuesday, protesting the company’s recent decision to pull its ads from the TLC reality series All-American Muslim.

Nevada judge rewrites ‘fetal personhood’ initiative, explains potential effects of the bill

A Nevada judge on Monday ruled (PDF) that his state’s proposed “fetal personhood” measure, which would outlaw abortion by defining life as beginning at the moment of conception, is misleading and confusing to voters. As part of his decision, the judge rewrote the initiative to include language that makes


Lowe’s protest over Muslim show ad-withdrawal draws more than 100, including Michigan rep.

A Saturday demonstration outside of a Lowe’s home improvement store in a Detroit suburb brought out more than 150 local residents and religious leaders and even one state representative — all of whom were protesting the chain’s decision to pull its ads from the TLC reality show All-American