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Local Michigan county wants to force meds on HIV criminal suspect

By | 01.10.12 | 9:38 am

Sangeeta Ghosh, assistant corporate counsel for Kent County, Mich., says should the 51-year-old man charged in two cases of failing to disclose his HIV-positive status to sexual partners make bail, the county is prepared to ask a court to force him to take antiretroviral medications.

Michigan Rep. Hoogendyk preparing to challenge Upton in 6th Congressional District?

By | 01.10.12 | 9:29 am

Former Michigan state Rep. Jack Hoogendyk is likely to announce next week that he will challenge Congressman Fred Upton (R-St. Joseph) in the GOP primary in August.

Media analysis: Grand Rapids HIV criminal case spurs ‘sensationalist’ reporting

By | 01.09.12 | 6:00 am

An alleged admission by a 51-year-old Comstock Park, Mich., man that he attempted to infect hundreds of people with HIV through unprotected sexual activity and needle-sharing has sparked a media feeding frenzy, which HIV activists and legal experts have roundly censured as “sensationalist.”

(VIDEO) American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer comes out as AIDS denialist

By | 01.06.12 | 9:05 am

Adding to an ongoing list of controversial statements, American Family Association President Bryan Fischer is now claiming that HIV is not the cause of AIDS or the AIDS epidemic.

Michigan health depts targeting HIV-positive pregnant women unfairly, experts say

By | 12.01.11 | 4:49 pm

On World AIDS Day, President Barack Obama declared that America is on its way to defeating the global pandemic known as the AIDS virus. At an online conference Thursday, the President announced more funding ($50 million more) for HIV/AIDS treatment in the U.S. and a higher target goal More…

Experts: Michigan students given false information by Colorado-based abstinence-education program

An abstinence-only presentation provided to numerous school districts in Calhoun and Eaton Counties in October of this year provided false and misleading information to students about HIV, experts allege.

Advocates alarmed by spike in Missouri prosecutions of HIV-positive persons

By | 03.15.11 | 9:00 am

Willie Bishop sits in a St. Charles County, Mo., jail awaiting trial on charges of recklessly and knowingly exposing some one to HIV. His act of exposure? The HIV-positive 20-year-old allegedly bit an O’Fallon city police officer during an attempt to take Bishop in on outstanding warrants.

According the More…

Energy committee chair Upton says he will advance pipeline safety legislation

The massive oil spill last summer that contaminated dozens of miles of the Kalamazoo river with crude oil, has resulted in U.S. Rep. Fred Upton (R-St. Joseph) announcing that he will move legislation on pipeline safety from his committee, Energy and Commerce.

While Upton chairs the important More…

Citing cost concerns, U.S. Marshals to cease Project Safe Surrender for fugitives

The U.S. Marshals have ended a program credited with rounding up 34,000 fugitives in the past five years because the program is not affordable.

The Associated Press reports that Project Safe Surrender was started in Ohio in 2005 after a law enforcement officer was shot in the More…

Michigan Senate moves to strip domestic partner benefits

LANSING — The Senate Committee on Reforms, Restructuring and Reinventing approved a resolution Wednesday morning that starts the process to revoke partner benefits for unmarried state workers.

The benefit plan was approved by the Michigan Civil Service Commission in January.

Republicans, led by Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge), More…