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Palin Wrap, Because MSNBC Didn’t Care

By | 07.26.09 | 8:52 pm

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said goodbye to her constituents Sunday afternoon and handed off the baton to Lieutenant Gov. Sean Parnell. Explaining her puzzling move, Palin cited her inability to get anything done as a lame duck — though her term would have ended in about a year and More…

NPR: Holder to Abandon Stevens Case

By | 04.01.09 | 8:53 am

Somewhere, Marcia Clark is pouring prosecutors on the Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) case a drink.

NPR is reporting this morning that the Justice Department plans to drop what once looked like an open-and-shut case against the case against the longest-serving Republican senator in history.

Things looked bleak for Stevens More…

New at TWI: Why the Federal Housing Administration Can’t Fail, But Probably Will

By | 01.29.09 | 5:45 pm

Our finance writer Mary Kane reports that a bruised, battered and little-noticed federal agency responsible for insuring mortgages is about to take a prominent role in the government’s effort to fix the foreclosure crisis.

The Federal Housing Administration — which was relegated to the sidelines for the More…

Who Needs a Pardon?

By | 01.27.09 | 10:23 am

Politico reports an outrageous twist to the already-absurd tale of the prosecution of Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), convicted this fall on seven counts of federal bribery-related charges. This seemingly clear-cut corruption case, which was mangled from the get-go, now looks even worse.

Change Comes Fast…on White House Website

By | 01.20.09 | 12:57 pm

Dana Goldstein points out that the White House has its new site up, complete with a blog!

Inauguration Ceremony Liveblog

By | 01.20.09 | 11:01 am

TWI at Obama Inauguration

By | 01.20.09 | 10:33 am

Normally, TWI’s strength is not in spot news coverage. We’re better suited for our mantra “national news in context.” But sometimes, the enormity of the event demands that we give it a try. Today our reporters are peppered among the crowd on the National Mall and along the Inaugural Parade More…

Alaska Senator Pushes for Stevens Pardon

By | 01.19.09 | 10:31 am

The Anchorage Daily News reports that Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) asked President George W. Bush last month to pardon her former counterpart in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), for his seven-count felony conviction of failing to list gifts worth $250,000 on his Senate disclosure forms. More…