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Rep. Upton wants nuclear plants relicensed quicker

Rep. Fred Upton (R-St. Joseph), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, is criticizing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the time it is taking to consider license renewal applications from aging nuclear power plants.

The Pilgrim Power Plant in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and Vermont Yankee Power Plant in More…

A Goodbye Post

By | 10.18.10 | 5:43 pm

Seven months ago, I joined The Washington Independent, never having worked for a web-only publication and never having done policy reporting at Internet speed. I came not because of TWI’s reputation as a new new-media paradigm, though. I came because TWI offered its writers something few dead-tree publications in Washington More…

Manufacturing Drops, Ominously

By | 10.18.10 | 3:33 pm

A piece of bad economic news: Industrial production dropped unexpectedly in September:

Output at factories, mines and utilities fell 0.2 percent, the first decline since the recession ended in June 2009, according to figures from the Fed today. Another report showed builders were less pessimistic than projected this month.


Democrats Press for Social Security Boost

By | 10.18.10 | 12:49 pm

Next year, for the second year in a row, America’s seniors won’t be getting any bigger checks from Social Security.

Last week, the Social Security Administration announced that the cost of living had not risen, with inflation low due to the sluggish economy. (The consumer price index, the More…

The Obama Administration Against a Foreclosure Moratorium

By | 10.18.10 | 11:00 am

Today, the Obama administration lays out the case against a nationwide foreclosure moratorium. In the Huffington Post, Shaun Donovan, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, argues that the government is investigating the foreclosure fraud crisis and that a moratorium would prove counterproductive in terms of helping homeowners in More…

The Missed Opportunities in the $1,294,000,000,000 Deficit

By | 10.15.10 | 3:13 pm

This afternoon, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner and Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Jeffrey Zients gave one final report on the United States’ fiscal year:

Due to careful stewardship of the emergency programs, their effect on the deficit was much smaller than previously estimated. The Troubled Asset Relief


Preparing for a Harder Unemployment Fight

By | 10.15.10 | 2:28 pm

Over the past year, Democrats in Congress have fought three times to reauthorize federally extended unemployment benefits, which provide up to 99 weeks of unemployment insurance to millions of jobless workers. Each time, Republicans have put up resistance, arguing that Democrats need to pay for the benefits by cutting spending More…

Elizabeth Warren Meets With Housing Advocates in Ohio

By | 10.15.10 | 11:30 am

Elizabeth Warren, the Treasury and White House adviser helping to set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, made her first trip yesterday to meet with housing advocates, visiting Columbus, Ohio. The event was closed to the press, but the AP reports that Warren stressed the importance of regulating payday More…

Bernanke Signals That the Fed Might Take Action

By | 10.15.10 | 9:30 am

In a long speech this morning in Boston, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke implied that the central bank will take additional action to help the economy, in the face of sustained high unemployment rates, below-target inflation and sluggish growth.

As always with the Fed, the statement came in cagey, More…

Are Homeowners in Default to Blame for Foreclosure Crisis?

By | 10.14.10 | 4:44 pm

Reuters notes that Wall Street types are complaining that coverage of the current foreclosure crisis — in which banks might have taken houses away from homeowners without the proper documentation — elides the fact that the defaulters are in fact in default.

“If you didn’t pay your mortgage, you