Salazar, Chu to Meet with Key Stakeholders to Develop Oil Spill Containment Strategy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 1:08 pm

Energy Secretary Steven Chu and Interior Secretary Ken Salazar are holding a meeting tomorrow of industry stakeholders, key government officials and scientists to come up with ideas for containing oil in the event of a blow-out in on offshore oil well.
The meeting will “help guide reforms that are raising the bar for the oil and gas industry’s practices, inform recommendations on whether and how to lift the current deepwater drilling suspension, and assist in establishing a path forward for government and industry collaboration on improving blowout containment capabilities,” according to the Interior Department.

Here’s the guest list:

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar

Secretary of Energy Steven Chu

Deputy Secretary of the Interior David J. Hayes

Retired Admiral and National Incident Commander, Thad Allen

Dr. Marcia McNutt, Director, United States Geological Survey

Dr. Thomas Hunter, former Director, Sandia National Laboratories

Michael R. Bromwich, Director, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement

Rear Admiral Brian M. Salerno, Deputy Commandant for Operations, United States Coast Guard

Andrew Inglis, Chief Executive of Exploration & Production, BP

Rex W. Tillerson, Chairman& CEO, ExxonMobil

Hon. Don Winter, PhD, National Academy of Engineering

Elgie Holstein, Environmental Defense Fund

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