Conservative Groups Plan to Spend Close to $400 Million by November

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 11:30 am

From Friday, but still worth noting, is a rather comprehensive list compiled by the Think Progress blog of all the monetary pledges conservative groups have made for spending in the upcoming November election:

– Chamber of Commerce has pledged to spend $75 million
– American Crossroads has pledged to spend $52 million
– Americans for Prosperity has pledged to spend $45 million
– Republican State Leadership Committee has pledged to spend $40 million
– American Action Network has pledged to spend $25 million
– American Future Fund has pledged to spend up to $25 million
– Club for Growth has pledged to spend at least $24 million
– National Republican Trust PAC has pledged to spend at least $20 million
– An unnamed health insurance industry coalition has pledged to spend $20 million
– National Rifle Association has pledged to spend $20 million
– Faith and Freedom Coalition has pledged to spend $11 million
– FreedomWorks has pledged to spend $10 million
– Americans for Job Security has pledged to spend $10 million
– Susan B. Anthony List has pledged to spend $6 million
– Our Country Deserves Better (Tea Party Express) has already spent $5 million
– Tax Relief Coalition has already spent $4 million
– Republican Majority Campaign has pledged to spend $3 million
– Campaign for Working Families has pledged to spend $2 million
– Heritage Action for America has pledged to spend $1 million
– Financial Services Roundtable has already spent $0.5 million
– Family Research Council has raised $0.5 million
– Citizens United Political Victory Fund has pledged to spend $0.2 million

TOTAL: $399.2 million

Again, these numbers, while staggering, represent what these groups say they will spend, rather than what they have or necessarily will end up doing. There’s an interesting irony here in that both the conservative groups in question and left-wing blogs like Think Progress have an interest in touting these numbers. The groups’ spokesmen brag about them as a means of signaling strength and popular momentum being on their side, while liberals view them as further evidence that conservative special interests are buying the election.

There’s clearly some merit to both claims, but a lot hinges upon the profile of the average individual donor. With caps on individual and corporate donations to independent political expenditures lifted by the Supreme Court, and no DISCLOSE Act to get a sense of most groups’ major donors, however, suspicions abound that wealthy individuals play an outsize role in funding a majority of these groups.

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Conservative Groups Plan to Spend Close to $400 Million by November North Capitol Street
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Comment posted August 31, 2010 @ 3:55 pm

I wouldn't be so upset if the money spent was for true information being released. What happened to televised debates, releasing the real voting records on issues. If this is the persons first run for office a complete background check released to the public so we know who we are voting for. But these monies will just go to more snide, backbiting commercials. What a pathetic system we have. All we get are 30 second sound bites and this is what the populous use to cast their votes. So for 30 seconds of crap we end up with years of corruption, lies and lost freedoms and choices. Everyone screams, Marxist, Socialist, etc, when it is really just commercialism. The funny thing to me is that the banks, auto and financial institutions were considered to big to fail, but to let the entire population of the United States fail is consider acceptable.

Hatch a lonely Republican grown-up North Capitol Street
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Comment posted September 5, 2011 @ 10:27 am

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