Dalton, Mora: ‘Serious Deficiencies’ With The Beaver Memo

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 at 12:11 pm

“I thought it was an inadequate treatment of very sensitive and serious issues,” Mora said, in response to Beaver’s October 2002 memo. Added Rear Adm. Jane Dalton, former general counsel to Joint Chiefs Chairman Richard Myers, there were “serious deficiencies” with it.

As became apparent in questioning. “I was hung out” to dry by Southern Command, Beaver said. In response to questioning by Graham, Beaver said she heard from a sailor who went through SERE training that waterboarding was effective. “If it could be done legally, in terms of medical approval… and all these other things, yes,” she said, waterboarding was a tactic her superiors were interested in.

Does the Uniformed Code of Military Justice prohibit waterboarding? She said those were the issues she struggled with. Wow.

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