Beaver Sent To Abu Ghraib

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 at 1:06 pm

This hearing is becoming a sick joke. First Beaver insisted that detainees were never stripped naked or had dogs used on them at Guantanamo. Then Graham read her the sections of the Schmidt-Furlow report on Guantanamo that show exactly that.

Even worse: Beaver said she can’t speak for anything that happened in Iraq. But Graham then revealed that Beaver was part of Guantanamo commander Gen. Geoffrey Miller’s infamous summer 2003 trip to Iraq to “Gitmo-ize” Abu Ghraib. Beaver said the trip was just to make the place more professional. We all know how that turned out. A question that wasn’t asked of Beaver, but should have been: didn’t she have a problem with sending techniques meant for Geneva-exempt detainees into an environment meant for Geneva-protected detainees?

Oh, wait, I forgot: “I am not a military-law expert.”

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