Who Is ‘Interrogator #1′?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010 at 3:28 pm

GUANTANAMO BAY — We don’t know who the individual known as “Interrogator #1″ is. He hasn’t yet been called to testify for the defense, which hopes to be able to call him this week to discuss his personal involvement in threatening Omar Khadr with sending him to Egypt to be raped. But clues about his identity have been peppered throughout the past several days of testimony in Khadr’s pre-trial hearing, and some more just emerged.

The defense has asked several witnesses so far if they were aware that Interrogator #1 was court-martialed for detainee abuse. But that was as specific as it got — until now. Lt. Col. Jon Jackson, Khadr’s military lawyer, asked an Army master sergeant who worked with Interrogator #1 — known to us as Interrogator #2 — if he was aware that Interrogator #1 forced a detainee to kiss a guard’s boots and roll around on the floor.

This is from an account of a guilty plea in a court martial recounted in an Associated Press piece from August 23, 2005:

Spc. Glendale C. Walls admitted that he stood by as former Sgt. Selena M. Salcedo lifted a detainee known as Dilawar by his ear and as former Spc. Joshua R. Claus made another detainee roll around on the floor and kiss Walls’ boots.

I got that from Nexis, but you can find an online version of that AP story here. It’s unclear why the defense would put out identifying information about Interrogator #1. I reiterate that Interrogator #1 has not testified to anything yet, so this is all speculation on my part. (Thanks to an extremely alert reporter here, Michelle Shephard of the Toronto Star — who literally wrote the book on Khadr — who called my attention to Jackson’s comment.)

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