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Tuesday, March 09, 2010 at 9:53 am

John Bresnahan’s story this morning explores the praise former Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) has been soaking up on the right — accolades from Rush Limbaugh, a spot today on Glenn Beck’s Fox News show. And as Bresnahan hints, the plaudits are coming from right-wing entertainers and media stars more than from anyone else.

Massa’s incredible radio meltdown over the weekend was tailor-made for talk radio and TV. It led the Drudge Report for much of Monday — today, Drudge is focusing on the not-so-subtle gay innuendo that Rahm Emanuel “thugs around gym showers.” And on the snippets I heard of talk radio yesterday, hosts delighted in how Massa validated their narrative of the Obama administration as a thuggish (always that word) Chicago mob that had the power to, say, initiate bipartisan ethics committee investigations of political enemies. Mark Levin, whose shtick is that of a brainy conservative lawyer who’s had enough, played clips of Massa bellyaching about the conspiracies against him — Levin, back in the studio, darkly intoned what this proved about the “Chicago machine.”

Fox News has had some trouble making this narrative stick. Last night’s episode of Greta Van Susteren’s show began with the host breathlessly reporting that Massa claimed to have been offered a “bribe” by unions — his word for union offers of electoral support if he voted for health care. When Van Susteren and guest Rick Santorum tried to delve deeper, they… well, here’s what happened:

SANTORUM: I — it’s — it’s irrational behavior. I don’t understand why he’s doing it. If he was as angry as he was at being forced out, he should have stayed. I mean…

VAN SUSTEREN: But was he really forced out? They’re having an investigation. I mean, his behavior — I mean…

SANTORUM: Yes. Investigating someone is not forcing someone out. I mean…

VAN SUSTEREN: Right. He was being investigated.

SANTORUM: He was being investigated. And I understand, you know, he’s obviously under a lot of pressure. There’s all these bizarre stories about Rahm Emanuel and — and what — you know — I don’t know. I don’t know…

VAN SUSTEREN: The nakedness in the shower. We got that on “Hannity.

SANTORUM: Yes, OK, good. I…

VAN SUSTEREN: We don’t have to do the naked shower one.

This probably won’t end with a lot of glory for Massa or his short-term allies.

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nader paul kucinich gravel
Comment posted March 9, 2010 @ 3:55 pm

9/11 leaks
9/11 exposure
extortion blackmail bribery

Comment posted March 9, 2010 @ 4:19 pm

The Massa thing is going to blow up in the wingnuts' faces once more information about this guy's shady past comes to light, as it surely will, and sooner rather than later. The backpedaling and distancing will be hilarious to watch! Pass the popcorn.

melvin polatnick
Comment posted March 9, 2010 @ 5:03 pm

The Massa scandal is causing a panic in Washington. Once untouchable politicians are running scared. They have witnessed a few of their powerful cohorts thrown under the bus. The fear of being next is forcing them into a tight knit circle where they huddle together for protection. They are no different than circus animals that have to obey a ringmaster.

Strange bedfellows - Online Political Blog
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Comment posted March 9, 2010 @ 6:56 pm

If Massa was innocent, he would have remained and casted a no vote. FOX News is promting the storty but it will trigger a backlash….like Liz Cheney's AlQuaeda Lawyer rubbish.

Reblicans like me are throwing away our fund raising letters because the new leadership has gone to the hinterlands of “Glennbeckistan”.

The Republicans will gain short term gains, but in November, what ideas will they have to garner my vote?

Comment posted March 9, 2010 @ 6:59 pm

Where were Republicans and DINO’s when Bush and the Republicans passed an unfunded deficit bill allowing Medicare to make payments to insurance companies? The GOP, Tea Parties and Republicans do not tell you, that, this is what the Democrat party and Obama want to cut from Medicare. They use a broad term “cut Medicare”. These payments forces the federal government to pay $1.15 to insurance corporate fat cats for every $1.00 spent on medical issues. In simple math, for every $1.00 spends using a government sponsored Medicare payment, the insurance corporations get an additional 15 cents. The idea then, was that having insurance companies provide part of Medicare, rates would go down: THEY HAVE NOT!

The insurance lobby got the Republicans to pass this unfunded deficit behemoth with no opposition. I am a Republican who supports healthcare reform. The issue affects me since I am a medical student. The idea that bureaucrats will “take over healthcare” is poppycock. Day to day, I see insurance company bureaucrats deny care to patients, and withholding payments for what the doctor and patient deem necessary for care. These insurance bureaucrats are like customer service representatives who have no background in health policy, yet make decisions that override a Doctor's decision about care that patients' need.

The GOP calls for competition across state lines. I support this to some extent. However, the GOP plan does not create a baseline as to what basic care should be covered under these plans, nor does it provide a baseline for cost. It means that like credit card companies, insurance companies will flock to states that have little or no regulations, states that have the least basic coverage, and states whose costs are at higher premiums to customers. Example: the credit card companies. Credit card companies are primarily based in Delaware and South Dakota because regulations there allow credit card companies to charge exorbitant and creative fees. The same would happen with insurance, except that patients' lives would be at the mercy of these fees from so-called competition across state lines. What the Democrats want, is a baseline set of items that would be covered by these insurance companies?

Real competition should also include allowing foreign corporations to establish cheaper insurance companies here, than the American insurance corporations. As with the autos, technology, motor cycles, steel and textile industries, we would get a higher quality product at cheaper costs. Even it means failure of the American Insurance Companies; I want foreign competition for insurance companies.

Creating High Risk Pools: The GOP likes this idea. How many of you have children? That is considered a pre-existing condition. Yes. The party of “family values” and their insurance lobby considers the act of having children a pre-existing condition. As such, women will be at a disadvantage for higher premiums under the GOP plan. Elderly people would not be able to afford rates if they are placed in a high risk pool, as the GOP plan calls for. How many of you have Grand Parents? It is true that the GOP plan would offer coverage to “everyone in the pool”, however, most working Americans would not be able to afford these plans because of the pre-existing loopholes. The plan put forth by my party, the GOP, does not provide limits on costs to American patriots who need insurance most.

Tort Reform: The issue of tort reform is also moot. I see infections due to preventative mistakes by medical professionals. Most inpatient infections are caused by a lack of washing hands by medical staff. Other negligent medical costs come from errors by physicians such as operating on the wrong side or wrong thing. Should innocent patients who seek medical care be denied a financial recourse as the legal system provides?

In Texas and California, which has the most stringent Tort Reform laws (limiting liability to $250, 000 max), so-called [defensive] diagnostic tests have increased, while the number of medical errors continue to increase in both states. Moreover, Texas leads the nation in uninsured working Americans. Recently, I was an unemployed mechanical engineer. Prior to attending medical school, I saw my insurance rates increase from $1200 in 2006 to $3600 in 2010, and I have never filed a medical claim, in my previous job for an oil company. This year Shell Oil will be moving their operations and 13000 American jobs to India and Brazil. The reason issued was the high cost of healthcare benefits to American employees. The issue of tort reform is moot when one looks at the supposed cost savings from these reforms. Both states Texas and California lead the US in uninsured Americans.

The farce of Death Panels: The provision in the bill was placed by a REPUBLICAN Congressman from Georgia at the request of insurance companies and the American Medical Association. End of life consultations are already being performed in hospitals around the US every day, would be paid for under the bill. Currently, these expenses are paid for out of pocket by families since it is not covered. Unless one works in the medical field, or is faced with end of life decisions, it is easy to label these “Life Panels” as death panels. The Healthcare bill in Congress provides payments to medical professionals and their families who receive counseling during the palliative phase of life. Consultation in many cases also means extending life of loved ones. Today we already have [death panels] within the insurance companies via their bureaucrats, many of whom have no background in the medical field, nor social services fields. These Customer Service Representatives and clerical staff at insurance companies make life and death decisions based on costs, and which overrides patients and Doctors' recommended care. These insurance clerks and bureaucrats deny care every day to working families, costing the US 45000 deaths per year.

Obama is right when he links high insurance costs to shrinking jobs. Most major oil companies that once viewed Texas as a bastion of free market enterprise are shifting more workers in expatriate jobs overseas, because of never ending increases in insurance prices per each employee. Why would anyone start businesses here in the US when they can incorporate themselves overseas to avoid paying high insurance costs for employees? As a conservative who with experience on both sides of the issue, I believe that without healthcare reform, the US is doomed to failure when it comes to reestablishing jobs.

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neverfull mm
Comment posted August 29, 2010 @ 5:14 pm

The Massa thing is going to blow up in the wingnuts' faces once more information about this guy's shady past comes to light, as it surely will, and sooner rather than later. The backpedaling and distancing will be hilarious to watch! Pass the popcorn

nba nfl nhl mlb
Comment posted May 28, 2011 @ 12:58 am

I like it very much, thank you

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